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Packaging: Market Data & Forecasts

GlobalData's Packaging Market Data consists of two key datasets. The first provides packaging volumes and forecasts by consumer packaged goods categories, pack type, pack material, pack size, closure type, closure material, outer type and outer material. The second provides highly detailed packaging information, with custom material segmentation and splits provided by brand & country.

The Packaging database is created as a result of an extensive research program involving three distinct phases. Each phase of the research program is carried out through triangulation of multiple research inputs and several layers of quality checks. First, packaging shares are researched using extensive store checks, product pick-ups, desk research, industry inputs and online store checks. Secondly, retail consumption volumes for all categories (and on-trade shares for key drinks categories) are obtained using results from our market data research program. Thirdly, the packaging shares of various pack formats of a category are applied to consumption volumes to arrive at the volume of each pack format. The volume of each packaging format is then divided by its respective pack size to arrive at the packaging volume in millions.

Data Characteristics

Historical Start Date: 2006
Entity Coverage: Market size data & forecasts
Regional Coverage: Europe/Middle East/Africa; Asia Pacific; Latin America; North America
Country Coverage: 93
Total Companies: 5,023
Total Companies with Tickers: 381
Data Collection Frequency: Bi-weekly
Delivery Formats: Data Feed, Cloud

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