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Latest edition: 01 Mar 2024
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German Government calls on states to expedite defence infrastructure

German Defence Minister implements the ‘Infrastructure Turnaround Action Plan’ to act more flexibly in securing infrastructure for troop readiness.

Latest news

BAE Systems signs 15-year support deal for Danish CV90 IFV fleet

Denmark is helping to supply CV90 IFVs to Ukraine to aid the country in its combat operations against Russia, with the platform widely adopted across Europe.

Canada to boost Poseidon fleet in $3.4bn deal

As part of an “historic recapitalisation” of the fleet, Canada introduces 14 additional P-8A maritime patrol aircraft to replace its existing P-3C units.

World's biggest arms importer India is pursuing defence “indigenisation”

Gautam Adani has responded to Modi’s call for a self-reliant weapons industry with a $362m investment and new defence complex.

Kenya Defense Market

Determine prospective investment areas based on a detailed trend analysis of the Kenyan defense market over the next five years.

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