Weekly data: global ambition to triple renewables by 2030 within reach

The world is on track to more than double its renewable energy capacity by 2030, reports climate think tank Ember.

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COP28 presidency hails “historic” victory as nations agree Loss and Damage Fund on day one

COP28 President Sultan Al Jaber has hailed a “historic” victory as world leaders agreed to a Loss and Damage Fund to support the poorest and most vulnerable countries cope with climate-related impacts on day one of COP28 in Dubai. Initial contributions to the fund add up to just over $400m – a far cry from the hundreds of trillions of dollars in climate damages expected in the coming years, but a positive development nonetheless.

Ørsted secures licence for 1.6GW offshore wind farm in South Korea

Danish energy giant Ørsted has secured an electricity business licence (EBL) from South Korea’s Ministry of Trade, Industry and Energy to build a 1.6GW offshore wind farm.

Signal: batteries market grows as gas-fired generators wind down

The lithium ion (Li-ion) batteries market is set to reach $400bn by 2035, while gas-fired power plants close down.

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