Signal: Nvidia CEO eyes India for AI investment as country’s AI market grows faster than China

Nvidia CEO Jensen Huang visited India at the beginning of September, seemingly optimistic about India’s potential as the next big chip manufacturing market.

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Infosys and NVIDIA team up to advance generative AI 

Indian IT services provider Infosys has joined forces with technology major NVIDIA to enhance businesses’ operations using generative artificial intelligence (AI) solutions and applications.

Intel’s new AI chip runs generative AI chatbots offline

A new Intel chip will be able to run a generative AI chatbot on a laptop or PC without the need for an internet connection, the company announced on Tuesday.

China responds to US concerns over Huawei smartphone chip

China’s Foreign Ministry spokesperson, Mao Ning, has responded to US Secretary of Commerce Gina Raimondo’s concerns over Huawei’s release of new advanced smartphone chips during a US state visit to Beijing.

Britain’s Online Safety Bill: was violence against women an afterthought?

Britain's Online Safety Bill, a new UK law which states that social media companies have a duty of care to users, was passed on Tuesday (Sept 19) after almost six years of making its way through Parliament - so why did it take until June 2023, three months before its passing, for the new bill to mention violence against women and girls?

Israeli cybersecurity company Cato raises $238m at $3bn valuation

Cato Networks, an Israeli cybersecurity company, has raised $238m (NIS9bn) in equity funding at more than $3bn valuation.

AI startup Pryon raises $100m in Series B funding round

Pryon, an artificial intelligence (AI) startup, has raised $100m in a Series B funding round led by the US Innovative Technology Fund (USIT).

Chan Zuckerberg Initiative to build largest biomedical research computing system

The Chan Zuckerberg Initiative (CZI) has announced it is building the largest open-source computer system for non-profit life science research.

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