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Power Project Profiles

Discover detailed power plant profiles across all technologies and countries.

Uncover new business opportunities and analyze competitors with unrivaled insights.

Access information on technology, capacity, status, owners, developers and suppliers, key dates and capital expenditure for over 170,000 power plants globally.

Included in these reports:

  • Plant type, power generation capacity and capacity mix
  • Capital expenditure
  • Project status and key development dates
  • Extensive plant contacts, including owners and service providers
  • Equipment suppliers such as turbine manufacturers

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“GlobalData has provided us with strategic data and analysis that helps us make more informed business decisions and have helped us better understand opportunity in the market and industry trends. The dataset we’re most impressed with is the upcoming power plants database, the granularity to which you can filter the wealth of data available is great when looking for very specific information.

As with all companies, our leaders needed reliable, timely information as they navigated the COVID-19 pandemic. GlobalData’s efforts to continuously analyze how the pandemic was impacting each market was very valuable during a time of uncertainty.

GlobalData’s team members make the difference when comparing to other providers. Our account team responds quickly, chases down questions, brainstorms with us, and is eager to help us use their offerings more efficiently. They’re excellent to work with.

Senior Global Market Strategist, Vermeer

GlobalData saves times and increase the reliability of our forecast by providing trustworthy data on key variables of the energy system. We use GlobalData as the main data source for our power, renewables, electricity grids and storage forecasts – we have found GlobalData to have better coverage of the key variables than other providers.

Principal Researcher, DNV GL

Globaldata is reliable and provides me with up-to-date information which is used to plan, prioritize and make strategic decisions. The intelligence center is a one stop-shop platform, with information of different levels that I can easily access, It saves me time and I log in first thing in the morning to check on recent publications, news and share projects updates with my colleagues.

In my role I frequently use your reports for market and sub-segment analysis; country data – for regional and country business plans.  The detailed companies’ profiles and SWOT analysis are great to better understand our customers and build Account Plans.

In-house insights are great to include in business reviews and for internal analysis shared with high-level stakeholders.

Senior Business Analyst, Schneider Electric
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