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    Uncover industry-specific knowledge that propels your business forward. Our reports provide comprehensive and up-to-date information, enabling businesses to make confident and strategic decisions.

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    Anticipate changes, identify growth opportunities and align your plans with industry dynamics. Our reports include market trends, competitor analyses and future projections you can use to conduct strategic planning and forecasting.

  • Decode Markets

    Whether you're analysing consumer behavior, emerging technologies or regulatory shifts, these insights provide a deeper understanding of the market, giving you a competitive edge. This, in turn, helps you position your organisation effectively and respond to industry challenges proactively.

Industrial Reports

  • Construction Project Profiles Reports

    Analyse details of new construction projects and build new business opportunities. Access key insights including project location, stage, scope, description, key dates, participants and contacts.

  • Energy Storage Project Profiles Reports

    Access in-depth information on global energy storage projects across all stages of development. Key insights include project capacity, status, owner, location and important dates.

  • Mining Project Profiles Reports

    Uncover detailed mine-site profiles across all commodities and countries. Analyse competitors with unrivalled insights and expedite new business opportunities.

  • Mining Commodity Market Trends Reports

    Analyse both global and country-specific commodity market trends. Access detailed data on reserves, production trends and forecasts and a list of all key operating and developing mines.

  • Oil & Gas Profiles Reports

    Access new business opportunities with in-depth profiles across the entire oil and gas value chain. Insights include upstream, midstream, downstream and petrochemicals.

  • Power Transmission Project Profiles Reports

    Uncover key information on new and upgraded power transmission, distribution lines and substations. Up-to-date details include location, operator, voltage, circuit km, current status and notable dates.

  • Power Project Profiles and Market Trends Reports

    Analyse global and country-specific power market trends. Discover capacity and generation growth across all technologies, along with transmission and distribution trends.

Technology Reports

  • Technology and Patent Foresight Reports

    Uncover the key companies and start-ups at the forefront of these innovations and the disruptive impact they will have.

  • Technology Vendor Profiles Reports

    Access in-depth company partner ecosystems across 70 data fields. You can use these profiles as a pivotal resource to analyse a company’s partner landscape, with key strategic details.

  • Thematic Reports

    Access unrivalled intelligence on new technologies, macroeconomic shifts and social trends.

Healthcare Reports

More Insight Reports

  • E-commerce – Food Reports

    Uncover intricate details of product assortments and pricing strategies, covering thousands of SKUs within the vast e-commerce food landscape.

  • E-commerce – Drinks Reports

    Uncover diverse pricing strategies adopted by brands and retailers and discover the key approaches used to optimise profits and market presence.

  • Sports Market Reports

    Access an in-depth view of the commercial strategies of a particular sporting league or event. Decode key aspects of their approach, equipping you with the knowledge you need to make better-informed investment decisions.

  • Travel & Tourism Reports

    Uncover inbound and outbound travel growth for 150 global markets. Analyse which areas represent the biggest opportunity for growth and reveal the most popular destinations for these markets.