Trend Insight – Sustainability In Construction

Pages: 27 Published: July 11, 2017 Report Code: GD-CN0006MI

Growth of sustainable construction is viewed as inevitable and industry professionals confirmed that sustainability is now an issue at the forefront of their industry, with awareness continuing to grow.

Currently, cost, low client demand and a lack of government support have been key obstacles slowing growth in the sustainable sector, nevertheless growth is now expected to increase dramatically with 64% of contractors stating that sustainable construction capabilities are now very important or important when competing for clients.

Despite obstacles, construction companies are demonstrating commitment to sustainability and there has been greater emphasis on recycling materials, reducing waste, reducing greenhouse gas emissions and also participating in green certification schemes. Client demand for sustainable construction solutions is projected to increase in the future with contractors offering the most sophiticated range of services ideally positioned to benefit.

There is expected to be a drastic increase in demand for sustainable construction solutions in a number of regions over the next five years, with respondents identifying the Middle East and Asia as key growth markets for the sector. Contractors expected renewable energy solutions to be most requested sustainable solution among their clients over the next three years.


In the second quarter of 2017, GlobalData surveyed over 250 industry executives, including contractors, surveyors, civil engineers and architects, to obtain an understanding of current levels of engagement and attitudes towards sustainable construction across the industry.

The report provides detailed market analysis based on a survey of contractors, project owners, surveyors, architects and others involved in the construction industry worldwide to assess current and future sustainability practices in the global construction industry.

Individual sections for project owners and contractors were created in order to analyze current and anticipated demand for particular sustainable methods and services.

Key Highlights

• Sustainable methods increase the cost of construction projects, but 85% of respondents stated that sustainable construction methods should be used regardless.

• Sustainability measures that were most common among respondents included reducing material waste (66%), increasing recycling (53%) and reducing overall greenhouse gas emissions (46%).

• LEED is currently by far the most popular green building certification scheme, with 53% of respondents working on a LEED certified project in the last 12 months.

• Client demand is currently the main driver for sustainable practices among contractors, followed by internal company policy and targets. A total of 68% of contractors had experienced growth in demand for sustainable methods in the last five years.

• 64% of contractors stated that sustainable construction capabilities are now very important or important when competing for clients.

• A total of 68% of contractors had experienced growth in demand for sustainable methods in the last five years. In total 64% of contractors stated that sustainable construction capabilities are now very important or important when competing for clients.

Reasons to Buy

Gain insight into the current sustainability trends within the global construction industry.

Identify the most important sustainability solutions and services that clients will be increasingly demanding in the coming years.

Gain an edge over competitors with the latest industry insights into current and future sustainability trends.

Identify the regions in which sustainability capabilities are most important when competing for construction contracts.

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Table of Contents

1. Executive Summary

2. Key Findings

3. Sustainability and the Construction Industry

4. Sustainability Awareness

4.1 Sustainability is at the forefront of the industry

4.2 Awareness is highest among architects and design consultants

5. Cost of Sustainable Practice and Obstacles Preventing Engagement

5.1 Sustainable methods are still relatively costly

5.2 Client demand is not yet at a sufficiently high enough level

6. Encouraging sustainable practice among construction firms

6.1 Construction firms are implementing sustainable construction practices

6.2 More still needs to be done to encourage sustainable practices

7. Importance of sustainable practices in modern projects

7.1 Project owners acknowledge the growing importance of sustainability considerations

8. Demand for sustainable construction solutions

8.1 Client demand is driving sustainable practices among contractors

8.2 There will be rising demand, particularly in renewable energy solutions

9. Conclusion

10. Appendix

List of Tables

Table 1: Implementation of sustainable construction practices

List of Figures

Figure 1: ‘Sustainabililty is an issue at the forefront of my industry’

Figure 2: Current level of awareness of sustainable building practices in respondent’s country, by region (1 – highest, 5 – lowest)

Figure 3: Current level of awareness of sustainable building practices in respondent’s company, by company type (1 – highest, 5 – lowest)

Figure 4 : ‘Sustainable construction methods increase capital costs’

Figure 5: ‘Sustainable construction methods should be used regardless of capital cost implications’

Figure 6: ‘Sustainable construction methods are too expensive to be viable for our business’

Figure 7: ‘My company has received financial incentives for sustainable practices?’

Figure 8: ‘A lack of client demand is a key factor preventing greater levels of sustainble construction?’

Figure 9: ‘Projects over the last year awarded green building certifications’

Figure 10: ‘More could be done to encourage sustainable construction in my market’

Figure 11: ‘On a scale of 1 (extremely important) to 5 (not important) how important are sustainability considerations when embarking on a project’

Figure 12: ‘Sustainability concerns have become more important to my company in the last three years’

Figure 13: ‘The most important objective for a sustainable construction project’

Figure 14: ‘Have you experienced increasing client demand for sustainable construction methods’

Figure 15: ‘How important are sustainable construction capabilties when competing for clients’

Figure 16: ‘My business is a member of a sustainable business group or green certification body’

Figure 17: ‘Proportion of contractors projects incorporating sustainable construction methods’

Figure 18: ‘Top sustainable services contractors predict increased client demand”


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