Our Values

Underpinning and informing everything we do are our core values. They shape us as a business, guiding the way we act and ensuring we deliver in all areas.

Our core values are:

  • Trust
  • Innovation
  • Collaboration
  • Quality
  • Dynamism

Prizing trust:

Having trust as a core value means acting with integrity, respecting colleagues and clients and being open and transparent. Being constantly honest with ourselves, our colleagues and our clients is another important ingredient.

Enabling Innovation:

Valuing innovation involves encouraging new, disruptive approaches and supporting new ideas and creativity.

Fostering Collaboration:

Tackling problems together and embracing constructive feedback are fundamental in a company that values collaboration. Another aspect is that we constantly strive to embed ourselves within our clients’ businesses.

Quality in Practice:

Structures like Quality Control processes are obvious implications of this value. But the strongest contributor to ongoing quality comes from individuals who constantly strive to excel.

Embracing Dynamism:

Dynamic organizations are characterized by an atmosphere of friendly competition. They also embrace an entrepreneurial ethos where people take pride in the products and services we deliver.

Our People:

What makes GlobalData stand apart is our proprietary set of corporate values - trust, innovation, collaboration, quality and dynamism. We take pride in the contribution they have made to our success.

We’re confident they attract people who share our perspective.

We help our people live up to those values in a variety of ways, including measuring performance against values in our employee evaluation processes.

We encourage independent thinking and foster an environment that supports collaborative working. We celebrate achievements and perseverance, and reward them with incentives. We pride ourselves on fostering an entrepreneurial ethos where colleagues have both the freedom and support to excel.

Our Community:

Our values and our people have created a positive environment that extends beyond the communities we work with directly to involve a roster of charities.

Our support for these causes is much more than an annual donation from corporate funds. In keeping with the collaborative way of working we foster, our community work engages everyone in the business.

Responsibility for identifying which initiatives to engage with each year is given to staff and the choices supported by senior management.

Staff are encouraged to get actively involved in those organizations’ fund raising. Collectively we organize successful fundraising events in and out of the workplace through the year and take part in a variety of physically demanding experiences, some of which require months of commitment to training.

To date, GlobalData teams have challenged themselves with sky diving, the Tough Mudder extreme obstacle course, gruelling long distance bike rides and more.