Spot the opportunities others miss

In a world of exponential change, the pace of business continues to accelerate.

Today, decisions need to be made in minutes and hours, not in weeks and months.​ Whether you are an institutional investor seeking to identify opportunities before anyone else, or a corporate executive striving to gain unique insights into a growth market, GlobalData's Marketplace gives your organization direct access to our trusted data.​

Our Expertise

World-class data & insights

GlobalData has decades of experience in helping corporates across the world's largest industries profit from better, faster decisions.​

We know our unique data holds huge untapped value for businesses everywhere. Whether searching for opportunities in equity, commodities, real estate markets, or looking to drive product development, our diverse datasets can help you find the competitive edge you need.

Your Benefits

Our extensive datasets are proven, proprietary and productized. Use them to uncover future market opportunities, monitor your sector's activity, and streamline your research.

  • Unrivalled Coverage

    Automated access to 100+ deep, authoritative datasets across the world's largest industries.

  • Unique Insight

    Single taxonomy and ticker mapping provides a unique, connected view into industries, themes, companies, and geographies.

  • Analytics Ready

    Seamless integration into your data pipelines, models and systems in real time via Feeds/APIs.

Our Process

As a world-class intelligence company, our data operations are built on proven processes and advanced technologies. We are trusted by thousands of clients for easy access to a universe of high quality, timely data.


Automated AI systems collect and ingest millions of structured and unstructured documents daily from 300,000+ sources.


2,000 in-house industry experts and research analysts create and maintain high-value, proprietary datasets.


NLP algorithms enrich data with entity extraction and relationship mapping, based on a single taxonomy.


Productized APIs/Feeds provide direct, real-time access to our datasets, with easy integration into client systems.

Raw Data, Limitless Opportunities​

Discover our diverse collection of proprietary data. From Clinical Trials to Construction Projects, we have deep, authoritative data on the world's largest industries.

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There’s more to discover. Gain direct access to our trusted data with over 150 raw datasets at your fingertips.


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