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We have decades of experience as the trusted, gold standard intelligence provider to leading OEMs, suppliers, service providers, consultancies, energy, materials, and financial organisations. We are a leading provider of highly accurate Automotive forecasts and intelligence to help our clients make faster and more informed business decisions.
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Using the collective power of trusted data, market intelligence, expert knowledge, and advanced technology, we empower the Automotive Industry with data-driven insights and precise forecasts you need to decode the future in uncertain times.

Our solutions are designed to help you with key strategic activities to:

  • Understand global automotive demand in real-time
  • Keep on top of Automotive industry changes and segment trends
  • Contextualise investment decisions
  • Sustain competitive advantage by leveraging key megatrends and disruption
  • Identify and target winning market or sales opportunities
  • Determine the competitive automotive innovation landscape
  • Understand the flaws and benefits of disruptive technologies and future market expectation through our best-in-class Electric Vehicle Forecast
  • Manage risk and opportunity through future model visibility and strategic planning support
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OEM Solutions

With GlobalData’s Intelligence Center, you will gain access to real-time insights tailored to your specific needs. From competitor activity to comprehensive Auto sales forecasts, to granular insights into emerging market trends, to fluctuating market conditions, we deliver the information necessary to optimize production planning, streamline supply chain operations, and identify lucrative market opportunities.

Supplier Solutions

As a Supplier, staying ahead of the competition and maximizing your opportunities in the Automotive industry is crucial. We understand the unique challenges you face, from optimizing your supply chain to identifying growth opportunities and mitigating risks. Balance the shifting demand of OEMs while searching for the future sourcing opportunities, and transformative industry trends.

Sector Solutions

With our expert analysis and innovative sector solutions, we empower organizations to delve deep into the automotive sector and gain a detailed understanding of its dynamics – providing you with the most comprehensive and up-to-date information available, helping you stay ahead of the curve. You will get a detailed understanding of the automotive sector – where the industry has been, where it is today and what is driving change tomorrow.

What We Do

We cover the entire spectrum of the global automotive industry, macroeconomic drivers and external shocks/disruptions to the outlook for light vehicle sales, light vehicle production, light vehicle powertrains, the tyre & rubber sector, hybrid & electric vehicles (EVs) with sector-specific automotive forecasts, including parc forecasts, vehicle component analysis, and manufacturer factory footprints across the globe.

With in-depth analysis, exclusive news, and highly detailed forecasts and databases at your fingertips, we give you a complete 360-degree insight into the Automotive industry.

Global Light Vehicle Production Module

Future-proof your business operations with detailed analysis and insight that leverages our comprehensive and unique independent forecast methodology detailing the current and future landscape of vehicle production

This module is vital for any automotive supplier, OEM or industry professional looking to gain an unbiased and unrivalled perspective on Light Vehicle production.

Published monthly, our Light Vehicle Production forecast provides production-specific insights for short-term (operational) monitoring, midterm (tactical) planning and long-term (strategic) initiatives. Looking at the current year +7, you will find detailed global forecasts and analysis data by model generation, vehicle program, platform, body style and plant with SOP/EOP for existing and future programs. Vehicle plant capacity and utilization is also detailed.

In this module, you will get:

  • Current year + 7-year forecasts to help understand trends and identify opportunities
  • Monthly written analysis covering macroeconomic developments and socio-political drivers
  • In-depth company assessments for OEMs as industry production volume data is integrated with financial,company filing and jobs data from across the GlobalData platform
  • Platform and Plant level information to assess the overall production capabilities, performance, and output of specific manufacturing locations and analysis of platform strategy.
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Global Light Vehicle Powertrain Module

Make smarter business decisions using our Light Vehicle Powertrain Forecasts offering an essential source of combustion engine, transmission, and electrification information for the global light vehicle market, with data that is vital throughout the supplier tiers.

This production-based module offers forecast data by engine, transmission, hybrid/electric drivetrains combinations fitted to each model generation and includes vital battery and electric motor fitment detail.

Our current year + 7-year forecasts provide insights for short-term (operational) monitoring, midterm (tactical) planning and long-term (strategic) initiatives.

In this module, you will get:

  • Current year + 7-year forecast horizon with detailed engine and transmission specifications necessarily to make informed decisions.
  • In depth assessment of each major OEM, with engine and transmission strategy analysis, powertrain lifecycle, and engine demand by fuel type family and cylinders.
  • Volumes for all models with front, rear and all-wheel drive split, Battery & electric Motor details, broken out by country, OEM, make and model line.
  • Written analysis covering OEM powertrain strategies and key technologies involved in the electrification of the industry
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Global Light Vehicle Sales Forecast

The gold standard source of strategic data and insights that power business planning decisions with the most detailed sales information at an OEM, brand, segment, and model line, including market share and new model launches.

If you are interested in vehicle sales from a comprehensive geographic perspective, then the Global Light Vehicle Sales Forecast is the ideal solution.

Updated on a quarterly basis, this service provides the outlook for Light Vehicle sales by region, country, sales group, segment, brand, and model covering more than 95% of global demand.

In this module, you will get:

  • Current year + 12-year forecast to meet the needs of short-term and long-term planning.
  • In depth assessment of each major OEM, including market share (overall and by segment)
  • Quarterly updates with quarterly time slices for better tracking and analysis of sales trends and performance over time
  • Detailed sales information at an OEM, brand, segment, model line and body derivative level.
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Global Hybrid & Electric Vehicle Module

A wide range of insights into global hybrid and electric vehicle demand that allows you to quickly analyze trends by segment, geographical market, EV type and year for competitive intelligence, EV sales volume and share growth trajectory, a key resource for planning entry strategies.

The module includes in-depth analysis by technology type from mild hybrids through BEV to fuel cell electric vehicles, including details and key features for batteries and E-motors.

The quarterly global hybrid and electric vehicle module looks at the forecasts and provides analysis for hybrid and electric vehicles demand over the next 12 years, detailing the hybrid/electric drivetrains with the ability to compare them with their internal combustion engine counterparts.

In this module, you will get:

  • Current year + 12-year detailing hybrid and electric drivetrains, including figures for non-electrified sales enabling xEV penetration rates to be determined.
  • In-depth assessment of each major OEM, including market share (overall and by segment).
  • The key factors affecting demand for hybrid technology in each market including availability, the regulatory environment and OEM strategies.
  • Batteries and E-motors in our BEM module, including supplier details.
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World Tyre & Rubber Forecast Service

Enhance your long-term strategic planning by identifying the developing global trends in the global tyre industry using the most detailed data and comprehensive analysis available.

From tensions in raw material supply and pricing, to shifting demand patterns in the tyre industry and technological developments in the ever-evolving automotive space, we look at each segment in detail. This gives an in-depth understanding of the big picture.

In this module, you will get:

  • Quarterly reports and databases which track growth in key segments and markets of the tyre industry.
  • Off-the-shelf reports and services covering the global markets for synthetic & natural rubber, published monthly, quarterly, and annually.
  • Bespoke market research services on topics in natural rubber market dynamics for a broad range of industry participants.
  • Short, medium, and long-term analysis of supply & demand balances and price forecasts for the key global markets.
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