Ukraine Conflict: Executive Briefing

A comprehensive overview of the Russia-Ukraine conflict for those wishing to develop their understanding of its implications for global sectors.

While at its core it is a humanitarian crisis, the Russian invasion of Ukraine risks adding materially to existing global economic and supply challenges. We are likely heading into a period in which geopolitics will become a regular part of boardroom discussions.

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Seasonal exports will be missed on the global market

As we approach the wheat harvest in Ukraine—a period that usually translates into higher exports in the months directly after the harvest—port occupations and transport logistics will make it difficult for these stocks to reach export destinations.

Over the past three seasons, exports in the months of August and September have ranged between 3.5 and 4.5 million tons per month: these will be greatly missed this year and leave a significant gap in the market as the September/October peak approaches.

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