Market & Competitive Intelligence Solution

How We Help

Our unique data-driven, human-led, and technology-powered approach creates the trusted, actionable, and forward-looking intelligence you need to make faster, more informed decisions.

We provide you with easy access to:

  • Deep sector-specific intelligence
  • Real-time news
  • Powerful analytics
  • Time-saving workflow and collaboration tools

All fully-integrated into our world-class Intelligence Center.

Avoid Blind Spots & Find Growth Opportunities

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Tailored to your role, our Intelligence Center is designed to help you:

GD intelligence center

Predict & Align with Future Trends

Decode the future by uncovering the global 'Big Picture' and emerging trends with detailed macro-economic indicators, forward-looking thematic analysis, and insight from leading industry analysts and thought-leaders.

GD intelligence center

Spot & Seize Market Opportunities

Our comprehensive and granular market intelligence allows you to reliably size and segment the market in order to identify and tap into emerging commercial opportunities.

Competitors and Disruptors

Defend from Competitors & Disruptors

Identify, evaluate, and respond to competitors' and emerging disruptors with real-time monitoring and expert insight into their financial performance, R&D strategies, products and M&A activities.

Identify & Exploit Customer Trends

Uncover and analyse local consumer dynamics with our detailed in-country primary consumer research across 51 countries, helping you gain a deeper understanding of consumer behavior and how trends are impacting your clients' categories.

GD intelligence center news events

Stay Ahead of the Pack

Get ahead and prepare for future market-moving events with our Events database and real-time access to comprehensive daily news and trusted insight from our journalists and expert analysts.

My GlobalData

Streamline Workflow & Decision-making

Effectively create and share the actionable insights you need to make decisions with our integrated analytics, customizable workflow tools, and direct 1-2-1 access to our expert analysts.

Our Industries

We help thousands of companies, government organisations, and industry professionals in the world’s largest industries.

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Avoid Blind Spots & Find Growth Opportunities

Discover our Market & Competitive Intelligence Solution Request a Demo