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We have decades of experience in being the trusted, gold standard intelligence provider to leading prime contractors, OEMs, SMEs, governments, service providers and militaries, helping them to make faster, more informed decisions.
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How We Help

Using the collective power of trusted data, expert knowledge and advanced technology, we provide the intelligence you need to decode the future in uncertain times.

Our solutions are designed to help you with key strategic activities.

  • Market & Competitive Intelligence
  • Strategic Planning and M&A
  • Innovation & R&D
  • Marketing
  • Business Development/Sales
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What We Do

We cover the entire spectrum of the global defense market, from sector-specific spending, country budget and forecast analysis, market entry routes, all the way to project specification and the latest tenders across the globe.

With in-depth analysis, exclusive news, and highly detailed databases at your fingertips, we give you complete 360 degree insight into the Aerospace, Defense and Security industry.

Market Data & Insights

  • Reports covering almost 75 countries, detailing expenditure plans, geopolitical context, routes to market and procurement dynamics
  • Sector reports covering dozens of major markets across the Aerospace, Defense and Security industry with associated ten year unit delivery and program forecasts across multiple segments
  • Fleet database for existing military assets across the globe


  • A single, integrated thematic research platform that provides an easy-to-use framework for tracking all themes across all companies in all sectors
  • A theme map monitors the disruptive impact of the top 30 to 40 themes in the sector
  • A tool to help senior executives protect their blindside, predict their industry’s future and benchmark their competitors against disruptive threats
globaldata themes

Competitor Intelligence

  • Regularly updated profiles on over 6,172 companies with associated news, innovation, deal tracking, and financial data
  • Competitor profiles of leading Aerospace, Defense and Security companies across geographical regions
  • Thousands of expert, curated and regularly updated assessments on companies, covering Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities, and Threats

Macroeconomic Indicators


  • World macroeconomic data, covering more than 900 economic, demographic, and employment indicators


  • Macroeconomic data for more than 2,000 cities, covering over 300 economic, demographic, and employment indicators

Real-time Intelligence


  • Over 15,000 news alerts every year for an up-to-date view of developments across the industry, from market competitors to armed forces, defense ministries, and geopolitics
  • Real-time sentiment analysis of the Top-100 global “Influencers” in the Aerospace, Defense and Security industries.


  • Curated tracking of procurement portals for 68 countries, capturing hundreds of thousands of Aerospace, Defense and Security related opportunities a year
  • Automated alert functionality and visualization tools


  • Database of more than 5,000 M&A and financial transactions for a comprehensive view of investment opportunities, searchable by industry, geography and type
  • Real-time monitoring with hundreds of new deals identified and profiled each year

Analyst Engagement

  • Unlimited “Ask an Analyst” functionality with 24-48 hour response time to accelerate decision making
globaldata influencer news dashboard

Projects Database

  • Projects database covering major air, land, naval platforms and subsystems with associated news, tenders, and involved companies

Our Solutions

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We produce hundreds of quantitative and qualitative reports annually. These include strategic reports, industry forecast reports, sector reports, panel reports, insight reports, trend trackers, and country profiles.

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Our consulting services provide you with contextualized, real-time market insights. Our consultants are highly experienced in helping clients identify new opportunities, minimize risk, gain competitive advantage and improve profitability.

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