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Powered by decades of experience as a trusted, gold-standard intelligence provider to leading companies in the food and agriculture value chain, GlobalData helps the agribusiness industry make faster, more informed decisions.
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How We Help

Using the collective power of trusted data, expert knowledge, and advanced technology, we provide the intelligence you need to decode the future in uncertain times. Our solutions are designed to help you with key strategic activities:

  • Will there be security of supply across carbohydrate or protein raw materials to meet your needs in different countries?
  • What is the outlook for demand for the next 10, 20, or even 30 years? What will this mean for land use?
  • Which geographies are developing? Where will the new “frontiers” for agricultural production emerge?
  • How will trends in calorie consumption drive demand for protein, oils, and carbohydrates?

Whether you are undertaking a special corporate project, evaluating potential acquisitions, or need strategic analysis, GlobalData offers cross-commodity market intelligence and analysis to support all your endeavors.

What We Do

We cover the entire spectrum of the global agribusiness industry, from sector-specific market data and forecasts, covering input supplies, production, and primary & secondary processing, all the way to macroeconomic data and intelligence on the themes impacting the future of the agriculture value chain. With in-depth analysis, exclusive news, and highly detailed databases at your fingertips, we give you a 360-degree insight into the agribusiness industry.

Market Data & Insights

Crops: Our reliable data provides in-depth insights into market fundamentals, including supply-demand balances, market projections, price trends and forecasts, and trade flows.

Livestock & Animal Products: Our comprehensive livestock database offers a market snapshot of farm animal trends, while the animal products database presents detailed data on meat, milk, and eggs.

Aquaculture: Offering a global and all-encompassing perspective of market dynamics for major fish and shellfish species, differentiated by farm-bred and wild-caught specimens.

Processed Products: Extensive data on supply-demand and trade flows for coffee, cocoa, and natural rubber. We also offer historical and current price data, along with short- and long-term price forecasts.

Agricultural Inputs: Extensive supply and demand data on key agricultural inputs, from seeds, fertilizers, and chemicals to agricultural machinery.

Premium Sugar Package

The Sugar Package provides a comprehensive view of the sugar sector, containing both short and long-term industry forecasts together with GlobalData’s wealth of intelligence.

  • Market Data: Authoritative market data on Sugar, Starch Sweeteners, and Starch/Fermentation products across the entire value chain.
  • Analysis: Database tracking production, trade & consumption for sugar and 44 starch derivatives globally, together with monthly and annual strategic reports and production costs.
  • Competitive Intelligence: Access to 200+ company profiles of key players in the sugar sector industry, together with critical signals news, deals, patents, filings, and jobs associated with each company.
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Premium Oil & Fats Package

The Oil & Fats Package covers the full range of oils and fats, including specialty oils and fats, offering a specialized, integrated view of the sector.

  • Market Data: Reliable market data on Oils & Fats, Oleochemicals, Proteins, and Alternatives to Cocoa Butter covering Production, Trade, Supply Balance, Consumption, Prices, and Production Costs.
  • Analysis: Monthly and annual strategic reports and forecasts, with a 15+ year outlook on global markets for Oils & Fats.
  • Competitive Intelligence: Superior lists of companies covering the biggest players in the Oil & Fats sector, together with critical signals news, deals, patents, filings, and jobs associated with each company.
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Premium Biofuels Package

The Biofuel Package covers the supply, demand, trade, pricing, and the impact of changing policies in the biofuels sector. Coverage includes the broad range of raw materials, from vegetable oils to animal fats and waste oils, and the market for by-products such as glycerine.

  • Market Data: Production, Trade, Supply Balance, Consumption, and Prices data for Biodiesel, Ethanol, Sustainable Aviation Fuel, and Waste Oils & Fats.
  • Analysis: Annual reports on the outlook for biodiesel (FAME & renewable diesel) prices, production and demand; the outlook for ethanol prices, production and demand; the outlook for sustainable aviation fuel demand & supply, pricing, and policy; the outlook for bunker fuel alternatives and the outlook for waste oils (including animal fats & greases).
  • Competitive Intelligence: Key lists of companies in the biofuels sector, covering Global Biodiesel (FAME) Producers, Global Biodiesel (RD) Producers, and Global Ethanol Producers.
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  • A single, integrated thematic research platform that provides an easy-to-use framework for tracking all themes across all companies in all sectors.
  • A theme map monitors the disruptive impact of the top 40 themes in the sector, such as Clean Label, Plant-based Diets, Sugar Reduction, GMO, and many others.
  • A tool to help senior executives protect their blindside, predict their industry’s future, and benchmark their competitors against disruptive threats.

Macroeconomic Indicators


  • World macroeconomic data, covering more than 900 economic, demographic, and employment indicators


  • Macroeconomic data for more than 2,000 cities, covering over 300 economic, demographic, and employment indicators

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