Corporate Social Responsibility

We are committed to not just being a successful business, but having a positive impact on the world in which we operate.

That’s why we take Corporate Social Responsibility seriously and focus our efforts on three areas where we can make a real difference: our people, our environment, and our charities.

Our People

The diversity of our customers is reflected in the people who work for us.

We are proud that our colleagues have a rich mix of backgrounds, experiences and perspectives, giving us a unique culture and competitive advantage.

We strive to harness the power of that diversity and to create an inclusive environment that empowers everyone to make a real difference. This environment enables our teams to support the success of our clients, and helps our people reach their full potential.

Our Environment

The Group strives to minimize its impact on the environment.

In doing so we have introduced the following initiatives:

  • All paper sourced from accredited sustainable suppliers
  • A continued drive to move to online paperless publications
  • Reduced paper waste through internal print and copier policy
  • Energy waste reduced through smart office lighting systems

Our Charities

In keeping with our collaborative way of working, our community work engages everyone in the business.

Our employees take responsibility for identifying which initiatives to engage with each year, with their choices supported by senior management.

The latest charitable organizations supported include:

  • PEAS (Promoting Equality in African Schools)
    A global charity/social enterprise hybrid. Its mission is to expand access to sustainably delivered, quality secondary education across Africa. PEAS develop and launch secondary schools that contribute to long-term societal change, poverty reduction and the empowerment of young people in Uganda and Zambia

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