Why GlobalData

We are the trusted, gold standard intelligence provider to the world’s largest industries.

We have a proven track record in helping thousands of companies, government organizations, and industry professionals profit from faster, more informed decisions.

Our unique data-driven, human-led, and technology-powered approach creates the trusted, actionable, and forward-looking intelligence you need to predict the future and avoid blind-spots.

Leveraging our unique data, expert analysis, and innovative solutions, we give you access to unrivaled capabilities through one platform.

Unique Data

As the gold standard data provider to the world’s largest industries, we continuously collect and analyze terabytes of data to create the most comprehensive, authoritative, and granular market intelligence.

  • Granular Industry Intelligence – We go beyond basic fundamentals and develop deep, vertical-specific intelligence tailored to each industry we cover, providing 360° insight across value-chains, as well as granular, bottom-up market analysis
  • Exhaustive Coverage – We synthesize our vast data universe into formats that support your range of decision-making needs and create powerful intelligence covering the sectors, themes, companies, and geographies most important to you
  • Proprietary Datasets – We provide you with access to untapped pools of intelligence generated from our proprietary datasets and primary research capabilities, including capturing first-hand insight directly contributed from industry professionals and consumers
  • Robust Methodologies – We view the quality and timeliness of our data as a key differentiator and leverage robust research methodologies and next-generation technologies to create, clean, enrich, interpret, and distribute trusted intelligence distilled from millions of data points every day

Expert Analysis

We leverage the collective expertise of our in-house research analysts, consultants, and journalists, as well as thousands of external thought-leaders, to create differentiated and actionable insight.

  • In-house Experts – We leverage a global expert community of 3,500 employees across 25 countries worldwide to turn raw data into trusted intelligence:
    • ~2,000 experienced, in-house research analysts and deep industry experts
    • More than 150 advanced data scientists and technologists, including with artificial intelligence expertise
    • ~50 experienced consultants with proven track records in strategic advisory
  • External Thought-Leaders – We actively engage with our clients and external experts in order to foster a global community that provides both you and us with the collective insight of industry professionals from around the world.
  • Trusted News & Commentary – We use a pool of over 50 trusted journalists with deep industry focus to publish hundreds of sector-focused stories every day, to keep you up-to-date and to help you understand the key issues impacting your business today.
  • Proprietary Analytical Frameworks – We provide our expert community with a range of advanced proprietary analytical capabilities in order to uncover hidden connections, pinpoint the things that matter, and create data-driven, forward-looking insights.

Innovative Solutions

We help you work smarter and faster by giving you access to powerful analytics and customizable workflow tools tailored to your role, alongside direct access to our expert community of research analysts.

  • Ease of Access – We know our intelligence must be instantly accessible – that’s why our platform uses an intuitive user interface with advanced search and filtering functionality and flexible export capabilities
  • Integrated Analytics & Visualization – We provide an integrated platform that gives you access to the powerful analytics and leading-edge visualization capabilities required to create the actionable insight you need
  • Workflow & Collaboration Tools – We enable you to be more effective and efficient by providing a series of time-saving tools designed to make you work smarter and more collaboratively, including giving you direct access to our world-class research analysts
  • Flexible Distribution Capabilities – We understand that it’s important for you to get the data you need in the format you want – that’s why we can also deliver our trusted intelligence via feeds and APIs

One Platform

We fully-integrate our unique data, expert analysis, and innovative solutions into one platform – giving you easy access to a complete and comparable view of the world’s largest industries.

  • Complete, Consistent, Comparable – We adopt a standard approach to content management across our portfolio, using a common tagging and taxonomy structure to link together our wealth of information, giving you a complete view of a market or company, and the ability to truly compare like for like.
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