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Explore, track and compare industries, economies and companies in a single platform to gain the unique insights needed to make better decisions and drive your organization forward.

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Access more than just statistics

GlobalData Explorer is a fully integrated tool that helps you navigate and access topline intelligence across 22 global industries. Every one of our unique 55M+ data points is curated by over 2,000 in-house sector experts and analyzed across 13,000 proprietary reports – enabling you to decode global trends that are shaping industries, impacting companies and changing markets.

Discover our capabilities

Identify market drivers

Leverage early mover advantage on market opportunities. Identify growth areas in specific sectors with market sizing, share analysis and industry forecasting capabilities.

Win new business

Find and win new clients and uncover sales opportunities across multiple sectors. Build your pitchbook and develop compelling thought leadership that inspires trust.

Make strategic decisions

Inform your strategy with invaluable data and insights from expert industry analysts. Use alternative datasets to unearth unique and timely signals and understand the next steps to grow your organization.

Perform real-time monitoring

Track market events in real-time to manage their commercial impact. Monitor the latest cross-sector deal activity, innovation landscape, company filing trends, hiring sentiment, social media analytics and industry news.

Dive into the details

  • Get access to cross-sector data and analysis across 22 industries, 120+ sub-sectors and 1,400+ segments.
  • Utilize 18 databases, including alternative datasets available nowhere else on the market.
  • Take advantage of the unique Market Analyzers database, enabling you to explore and visualize data at the macroeconomic, industry and company level.
  • Stay on top of market developments with high-quality daily news coverage.
  • Explore over 13,000 curated reports written by 2,000+ in-house sector experts.
  • Gain transparency with a fully integrated view of a company: see all related market data, reports, insights and fundamental information for over 370,000 companies.
  • Discover the tech disruptors and leaders across all sectors and geographies.
  • Receive custom alerts on key players for the latest news and insight.
  • Access historical and forecast macroeconomic, socio-demographic and sector intelligence for 200+ countries and 3,000+ cities.
  • Examine the performance and potential of target territories through country-specific lenses.
  • Plan your business strategies by assessing emerging trends and risks facing global powers with our country risk framework and reports.
  • Access the top 10 themes re-shaping industries across the world.
  • Track the key disruptive trends keeping the top digital thought leaders talking on Twitter with social media analytics.
  • Get a deeper understanding of COVID-19, how it’s progressing, and what this means for your business.
  • Company Screening Tool: Use your customized selection criteria to build and refine a bespoke universe of relevant companies.
  • Competitive Intelligence Tool: Create watchlists of companies to track and compare essential information and understand competitor motivations and behaviors.
  • Build Your Own Report: Clip and create your own bespoke reports to share with colleagues.
  • COVID-19 Playbook: Shore up your company’s response to COVID-19 with a four-step process to assess business risk.

Benefits to meet your needs


Financial markets

Access data and insights on the investment landscape and quickly identify the relevant signals to make more informed decisions. Improve your overall portfolio selection process by undertaking differentiated research to generate alpha and gain insights by drilling down into our alternative datasets.

Legal firms

Understand your clients’ industry challenges and competitive landscape to look more credible and win new business. Create compelling and insightful RFPs that impress prospects.



Equip students and faculty with an unrivalled knowledge of trends that will shape the future of global industries. Save time on research projects, white papers and curriculum planning with our best-in-class business information resource.


trade bodies & NGOs

Attract and increase investment with access to unique types of intelligence. Screen companies and build lists of potential business partners, clients and acquisition targets.


Media agencies

Impress your clients and win over prospects with your knowledge of their brands, product offering, competitors and the challenges they’re facing.


Management consulting

Stay informed on key trends across industries, identify new engagement opportunities and access market intelligence that helps you support your clients.