COVID-19 Survey Snapshot: Impact on Consumer Behavior in Asia-Pacific – Week 3

Pages: 16 Published: April 30, 2020 Report Code: GDTT-CV-AP3

GlobalData is carrying out weekly consumer surveys in 11 countries between 25th March and 31st May 2020, to track consumer sentiment and shopping behavior during the Coronavirus (COVID19) pandemic. The sample size is 500 respondents per country, per week.

The three countries in scope for Asia-Pacific are Australia, China and India. Questions are consistent every week, and cover consumer opinions about COVID-19, buying behavior and product choices and impact of the Coronavirus (COVID19) outbreak on consumers' lifestyle and activities. This report summarizes the key findings from responses in week 3.

Key Highlights

– Of the three countries surveyed, respondents in India are by far the most concerned about the outbreak of coronavirus. 82% of respondents in India said they were ‘extremely concerned’, while in China, the same response came from just 38%.

– Chinese responses in terms of spending more time browsing social media were startling, with 73% admitting to increased browsing time. Of these, 28% said they are spending significantly more time browsing social media.

– Unsurprisingly, the frequency of visits to fine-dining restaurants has fallen according to our respondents.

– Chinese respondents are clearly receptive to domestic tourism campaigns, given their liking for local products, which far outstrips trust for goods from elsewhere. This form of tourism is already showing early signs of recovery as domestic restrictions are eased and pent up demand is satisfied.


– This report provides an insight into how the coronavirus pandemic is shaping consumer sentiment in Australia, India, and China.

– It summarizes key findings from the survey ‘s responses and offers insight into how destinations and industry players can adapt to meet changing demands and needs.

Reasons to Buy

– Gain access to primary survey data results.

– Understand how the coronavirus pandemic is changing consumer attitudes.

– Assess how you can adapt your business plans and strategies to better meet these changing needs.

Table of Contents

Table of Contents

COVID-19 Impact on Consumer Behavior —Asia-Pacific Week 3

Indians are the most concerned about COVID-19, Chinese the most relaxed

Indians are the most conscious of money constraints, meaning the economic impact there will be crucial

International and domestic travel plans have been affected similarly

Social media usage is up, providing a great platform for marketing

In China and India, online reviews and blogs are assuming greater importance

People are visiting fine-dining restaurants less frequently in all three markets

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