The Future of Travel & Tourism in a Post Covid World

Pages: 343 Published: January 24, 2022 Report Code: GDMR01018

This selection of reports looks at how the Travel & Tourism industry will adapt to the post Covid-19 world. The compendium includes Travel Apps, Augmented Reality (AR) Market in Travel & Tourism, Virtual Reality (VR) in Travel & Tourism Industry, Key Themes in Travel and Tourism for 2022 and Social Media in Travel and Tourism. These thematic research report takes an in-depth look at the role of these themes within the travel and tourism sector. The reports looks at trends within tourism that are related to the themes offering an array of case studies offering a deep dive into how companies are utilizing this theme and the outcome. This is followed by an analysis on the impacts of these disruptive technologies, then offering recommendations for companies that are looking to utilize this technology.


Augmented Reality (AR) Market in Travel & Tourism – This thematic report provides an overview of the use of augmented reality in tourism. The key trends within this theme are split into five categories: technology trends, macroeconomic trends, regulatory trends, media trends, and industry trends.

Travel Apps – This thematic report provides an overview of the impact travel apps has on the travel sector and seeks to understand how technology is accelerating this theme.

Social Media in Travel and Tourism – This thematic report provides an overview of social media’s role within the travel sector today and how it will continue its involvement.

Key Themes in Travel and Tourism for 2022 – This report clearly defines and explains what the key technology, macroeconomic and industry themes are in travel and tourism and how they often interlink.

Virtual Reality (VR) in Travel & Tourism Industry – This report provides a detailed industry analysis of VR in travel & tourism, discussing how it is being utilized in a range of different ways.

Key Highlights

Travel apps have become commonplace within the travel and tourism industry. As consumers increasingly seek the most convenient way to interact with travel brands, development and investment in travel apps is set to increase.

AR is evolving into a utility in specific consumer and enterprise applications. On the consumer front, AR is primarily used in social media, gaming, and ecommerce. While Pokémon Go and Snapchat Lenses have helped popularize AR as a tool for entertainment, ecommerce is using it as a utility. In addition, upcoming metaverse platforms will integrate AR-related technologies, helping to bring AR to the fore.

The metaverse could create significant change for sectors in the tourism industry. Although it will not be available in the short-term, in future years theme parks, museums, natural attractions and destinations could be experienced by users in the comfort of their own home, with anyone else across the globe who is in the metaverse at the same time. While this prospect is exciting, it is also worrying for many sectors that rely on the physical movement of people across the globe for revenue generation.

Artificial intelligence (AI) & Machine learning (ML): AI refers to software-based systems that use data inputs to make decisions on their own or that help users make decisions. Within five years, the deployment of AI will be essential to the survival of companies of all shapes and sizes across the travel and tourism industry.

Despite the popularity of Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube in addition to the growing popularity of social media disruptor TikTok, Instagram is now a key player for marketing travel companies. Content creators can post videos, advertising content and posts at any time. The photo-sharing platform enables companies to engage and target specific customers base through different online communities.

Reasons to Buy

Understand the impact of travel apps on travel and tourism companies, using case studies and examples to help you understand how you can tackle and accelerate your position within this theme.

Understand the impact of augmented reality on the tourism industry, using use cases to help you understand how you can adapt and understand this theme.

Assess the strategies that companies are adopting when using VR.

To understand the key themes in travel and tourism and their current and future impact on the industry.

To recognize how the key themes in travel and tourism are often interlinked.

Assess how companies and DMOs are utilizing social media to aid brand awareness, drive tourism and engage with consumers.

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