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Tourism Destination Market Insight: Western Europe – Analysis of source markets, infrastructure and attractions, and risks and opportunities

Western Europe is home to some of the most popular destinations in the world. The large tourism flows have brought a number of benefits including jobs and incomes. However, there are also a number of issues which need to be addressed to stave off the threat of overtourism. From creating unique and diverse tourism offerings, to fostering regional collaboration and investing in infrastructural projects, this report sheds light onto how Western European nations can leverage their strengths and capitalize on new trends to ensure the future success of the sector and economic prosperity.

GlobalData’s Destination Market Insight provides in-depth analysis of a tourist destination, in this case for the Western Europe region. The countries included in this report are the Austria, Belgium, Denmark, Finland, France, Germany, Greece, Ireland, Italy, Netherlands, Norway, Portugal, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland, and the UK.

The report uses regional and country focused analysis to explore inbound tourist markets, infrastructure and attractions, as well as risks and opportunities. The report provides clear insight into current and future tourism developments in the region.

This report is part of GlobalData's Destination Market Insights Series. These reports provide an in-depth analysis of a tourist destination and its key source markets, as well as an assessment of the trends and issues in the covered destniantion market, in this case Western Europe.


– Inbound tourism to Portugal has the highest forecast CAGR out of all established destinations.

– Inbound tourism to Ireland has the highest forecast CAGR out of all developing destinations.

– Inbound tourism to Italy has the highest forecast CAGR of all major destinations.

– There is a vast amount of major and developing city break destinations in Western Europe.

Reasons to Buy

– Obtain a clear and detailed insight into new developments in popular, well-established and upcoming tourist destinations.

– Use data and analysis to explore future trends related to international arrivals, airlines, niche tourism, and hotel developments.

– Gain a strong understanding of the opportunities in the market, as well as the risks, to support better business decisions.

Key Players

Aer Lingus

British Airways




Air France-KLM



Thomas Cook

Table of Contents

Table of Contents


The countries of Western Europe

Country Snapshot

Western Europe in 2018

Key Trends

New Developments

New Projects

New International Flights

Types of Tourism

City break tourism

Gastronomy tourism

Book, film and television tourism

Major Destination Focus: Italy

Established Destination Focus: Portugal

Developing Destination Focus: Ireland

Regional Risk & SWOT Analysis

Regional Risk

SWOT Analysis







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