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Mobile Financial Services – Service Portfolio Evolution and Positioning Strategies in the Americas

Mobile Financial Services – Service Portfolio Evolution and Positioning Strategies in the Americas, a new Telecom Insider Report by GlobalData, provides an executive-level overview of the mobile financial services market for telecoms companies in the Americas. It delivers quantitative and qualitative insights into the mobile financial services space, analyzing key trends and growth drivers in the region.

Strong credit card reward programs maks it difficult for US MNOs to compete in the financial services space, relying mainly on M-Wallets. Telcos that offer a wider basket of MFS products have a better chance of engaging users into MFS. The most extensive telco-led mobile money solutions are often found in developing markets where MNOs can play an important role in comparison to what is possible in developed markets. A large underbanked population in a number of countries in Latin America has found in mobile payments a solution for its daily transactions. With a high percentage of the population not participating in the banking system coupled with a high mobile penetration, Latin America MNOs are in an advantageous position to scale up new MFS and tighten customer retention. Finally, COVID-19 has accelerated the shift in consumer transactions towards online channels.

It provides in-depth analysis of the following –

– Section 1: Mobile Financial Services (MFS) Portfolio Definition and Evolution

– Section 2: MFS Evolution and Positioning Strategies for Telcos in the Americas: This section provides an overview of the mobile financial services landscape in the Americas as well as identifies the major trends across the region.

– Section 3: Case Studies: Provides best practice case studies on telcos in the Americas that are currently offering mobile financial services.

– Section 4: Key Findings and Recommendations: A summary of key findings and growth opportunities for telcos in the Americas' mobile financial services market.


– Credit card reward programs in the US have hindered the wide-spread adoption of MFS.

– Tigo has taken the lead of MFS adoption in a number of Latin America’s emerging markets.

– Telco-led MFS can help MNOs deepen customer engagement and reduce churn while boosting revenue streams.

– A number of governments have resorted to MFS during the COVID-19 pandemic to disburse financial aid to population segments out of the reach of traditional banking services.

Reasons to Buy

– Offers a comprehensive and detailed understanding of the mobile financial services landscape in the the Americas market.

– The report describes the best practices and market opportunities for mobile financial services in the Americas market.

– The report discusses commercial developments in the mobile financial services market and what these developments might mean for the future.

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Table of Contents

Table of Contents

List of Exhibits

Executive Summary

Section 1: Mobile Financial Services Market Context

Mobile financial services market context

MFS evolution

Section 2: Mobile Financial Services in the Americas

MFS players

Operator MFS portfolios

Latest developments and product launches in MFS

Section 3: Case Studies

T-Mobile Money in the US

Movistar Money in Colombia

Tigo Money in LATAM

Section 4: Key Findings and Recommendations

Key findings and recommendations


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List of Figures

List of Figures

Exhibit 1: MFS core portfolio – definitions

Exhibit 2: Typical development of mobile money in the Americas

Exhibit 3: MNO mobile financial services

Exhibit 4: Operator MFS portfolios – select telcos

Exhibit 5: Telco MFS developments in the Americas

Exhibit 6: T-Mobile Money sample marketing

Exhibit 7: MovistarMoney sample marketing

Exhibit 8: TigoMoney portfolio


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