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Disruptor offers an insight into the themes shaping the future of the world’s largest industries and companies – helping you to support business transformation initiatives, drive innovation, accelerate sales & marketing campaigns and adapt to evolving technology landscapes.

Themes 200+
Sectors 22+
Sub-sectors 70+
Companies 700K+
Deals 978K+
Patents 100M+
News Items 2.8M+
Analyst Reports 7K+
Company Filings 743K+
Innovations 8K+
Social Posts 200M+
Jobs 41M

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Discover the next big theme, delving into the issues that keep CEOs awake at night.​

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Digital Transformation

Identify the themes that are disrupting global industries and successfully navigate your business through an increasingly uncertain world, turning threats into opportunities with informed strategies that tackle disruption head on.

Sales Enablement

Pinpoint the themes impacting the verticals that you’re selling into and gain customer insights for account planning, competitive positioning and to fine tune your proposition.

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