Asia-Pacific accounts for 40% of global clinical trials initiated in 2019, finds GlobalData

The Asia-Pacific (APAC) has emerged as the most prominent region for conducting clinical trials, accounting for over 40% of the annual share of globally conducted clinical trials in 2019, finds GlobalData, a leading data and analytics company.

Overall, the largest share of trials was in phase II, followed by phase I. Almost 78% of the trials started in 2019 are actively recruiting participants.

Oncology had the most number of clinical trials started in 2019, followed by central nervous system. The disease that had more trial starts in 2019 was pain, followed by gastrointestinal cancer.

Gowri Prasad Gutti, Director at GlobalData, comments: “No wonder oncology drugs had the highest number of clinical trials initiated in 2019. Cancer is a serious health concern across the APAC region, because of ageing population, changes in lifestyle associated with economic development and demographic changes. .”

Among the trials initiated in 2019, 15.3% of the clinical trials were completed, and 6.9% of trials are ongoing and not recruiting the subjects.

Gutti concludes: “Analysing new trial activity will provide insights into understanding the overall trends in the industry. The fact that around 40% of the global clinical trials are taking place in Asia-Pacific indicates that the clinical trials market is booming in the region. Oncology continues to dominate as the top therapy for new trial activity.”

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