ByteDance hires to foray into US EdTech space, finds GlobalData

ByteDance has been listing jobs related to early childhood education since January 2021, suggesting its intentions to launch EdTech products to US K-12 schools, notes GlobalData. The leading data and analytics company’s Job Analytics database reveals that ByteDance’s focus has been on developing business cases and partnership plans in North America.

Ajay Thalluri, Business Fundamentals Analyst at GlobalData, says: “ByteDance has been building dedicated teams in North America that will oversee strategy, business analytics functions, potential product creation, content and operation. The ‘Strategy & Business Analytics Head – Kids Education-US’ role advertised in May in the US shows that the company is conducting competitor and consumer research on children’s education in the region to formulate strategic decisions.

“Further, ByteDance is hiring people with experience in e-learning and education technology, as well as looking to introduce products in North America. For example, it listed a role in August 2021 to develop a curriculum targeting children aged between three and nine. The products are expected to have in-app games, videos and activities.”

Interestingly, the company started a new division for roles related to education technology. For instance, its US-based ‘Overseas Strategy & Investment – ZERO’ role requires the candidate to observe new models emerging in the field of education for innovating business opportunities. In an advert for another role in this division – ‘Senior Manager of Overseas Strategy & Investment – ZERO’ – the company hints that it will be looking at business investment opportunities in the education industry.

A recent listing for a ‘U.S. Procurement Manager – Real Estate Capex,’ noted that ByteDance has a portfolio of categories related to real estate developments in the North America and South America regions. The role will be responsible for contributing to the development of a ‘global workspace plan’.

Thalluri concludes: “ByteDance launched education technology brand Dali in China in October 2020. Bringing that to North America is a natural next step after the popularity of TikTok in the country. The company is likely to increase hires in the US as it prepares to foray into this new and mature education segment.”

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