Conducttr leading hybrid warfare simulation and training at DSEI, says GlobalData

Conducttr is leading the way in creating innovative hybrid warfare training and simulation environments, an area that is currently underdeveloped in the defense industry more broadly, says GlobalData. The leading data and analytics company notes that the technology on show by Conducttr at DSEI demonstrates the utility of preparing forces for disinformation and contested narratives, which are frequently present during low-intensity warfare.

Madeline Wild, Associate Defense Analyst at GlobalData, comments: “Users of the Conducttr program can rehearse media operations and experience disinformation campaigns that are increasingly used to disrupt and discredit tactical operations. This technology won Conducttr the Queens Award for Enterprise in the category of Innovations, demonstrating the uniqueness of this training environment.”

The global market for simulation is growing, currently valued at $2.2bn in 2020, and is forecast to reach a compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of 4.49% by 2030, according to GlobalData.

Wild adds: “The prevalence of hybrid and greyzone conflicts is increasing, yet the majority of wargaming and simulation software continues to focus on conventional war. This is where Conducttr can fill the gap and provide a training environment for hybrid warfare. It is likely that the simulation and training market will continue to orientate away from a focus entirely on conventional war.”

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