Consumers now more concerned about mental wellbeing than physical fitness

Consumers now more concerned about mental wellbeing than physical fitness

Driven by increasingly digital lifestyles and a more holistic understanding of health and wellbeing, the demand for products that address health beyond diet and fitness is growing, according to GlobalData, a recognized leader in providing business information and analytics.

The company’s consumer research reveals that while heart health is crucially important – with 70% of consumers globally aiming to improve it over the next 12 months – an even higher percentage of consumers (77%) have plans to improve their mental wellbeing and happiness over the same period.

GlobalData’s latest report states that consumers’ perceptions of what constitutes a healthy lifestyle now encompass not only a feeling of physical fitness, but a broader sense of emotional wellbeing. From fast-moving consumer goods (FMCG) products to smart devices, innovations addressing issues related to overall wellbeing are becoming increasingly evident in the market.

Lia Neophytou, Consumer Analyst at GlobalData, explains: “As health continues to be viewed in a much more holistic way, brands are recognizing the value in addressing health concerns that derive from busy lifestyles, time-scarcity, and associated stress levels.”

Innovations such as those by beverage brand Just Chill that, unlike traditional energy drinks, were created to induce calming effects, demonstrate the consumer desire to alleviate busy lifestyles and reduce the potentially negative implications of stress and anxiety.

Neophytou adds: “Manufacturers have started producing wearable and smart devices that, as well as counting steps and calories, monitor and manage sleep quality, stress levels, and other lifestyle factors. For example, the ‘INYU’ by SmartCardia is a handheld smart device that can sense emotions and track factors such as heart rate activity and breathing in real time, allowing consumers to identify and effectively address their emotions.

“This highlights the drive for more personalized, innovative wearable devices that can meet concerns pertaining to emotional and mental wellbeing currently under-addressed by conventional products.”


– Information based on GlobalData’s report: TrendSights Analysis: Guided Health.

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