Deliveroo’s expansion aligns with 1/3 of consumers that favor takeout over dining out during the pandemic, says GlobalData

Following today’s news (Monday 28 September) that Deliveroo hopes to recruit 15,000 new riders by the end of 2020 to cope with a surge in demand;

Ahsaan Iqbal, Consumer Analyst at GlobalData, a leading data and analytics company, offers his view on the move:

“Deliveroo’s decision to recruit comes as no surprise as demand for fast food and restaurant delivery services has surged during the COVID-19 pandemic. In a survey by GlobalData*, over a third (34%) of global consumers agree that they would rather purchase meals for takeout than eat out at restaurants, or, likewise, use meal delivery services more often as a result of the pandemic.

“Deliveroo’s decision to double its rider numbers could be seen as a pre-emptive move ahead of a potential second wave, as case numbers once again rise in many countries, including the UK, which has introduced 10:00pm curfews. By adding 15,000 additional drivers, the company will be better equipped to cope and deliver on any surge in demand that will inevitably follow as bars, pubs and restaurants  close.

“Interestingly, 37% of global consumers are looking to use meal delivery services such as UberEats or Deliveroo for grocery shopping more often – with this being highest among millennials. While governments have eased many of the early restrictions regarding restaurants opening, the changes in consumer behavior driven by COVID-19 are likely to stick around, and food deliveries via mobile apps may become the default choice for many consumers. Deliveroo are looking to take advantage of the opportunities presented by COVID-19 through doubling the number of riders they have safeguarded themselves against another lockdown, while creating opportunities for a possible shift towards an increased future presence in retail and grocery delivery services.”

* GlobalData’s COVID-19 recovery survey, published 23 September

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