Employees will want to work at home more frequently post-COVID-19, says GlobalData

The pandemic has given businesses an unprecedented opportunity to implement profound and long-lasting changes to the way people work. Remote working will be a lasting legacy of the crisis as companies were forced to invest heavily in remote working tools during lockdowns. Now, it is unequivocal, employees do not want to return, as reflected in a poll by GlobalData, which saw more than a quarter of respondents say that they do not want to return to the office after the COVID-19 crisis.  

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Laura Petrone, Senior Thematic Analyst at GlobalData, comments:

“Far from disappearing, office life will simply be reinvented, as it still provides employees the best opportunity to socialize with colleagues and, for some people, a better routine. Spaces will be redesigned to keep physical distance but maintain social connection. As part of this transformation, staggered shifts, one-way routes, and packed lunches will be far more common. Nearly half of respondents to GlobalData’s survey would prefer a mix of remote and office-based work.  

“Remote working offers long-term opportunities for employers and employees alike, in terms of cost savings, work-life balance and reduced environmental impact. With that, however, will also come significant security challenges. During the crisis, the intensity of cyber attacks has increased. Faced with the new threats posed by a more widespread remote working, it will be imperative for businesses to have an adequate cyber and network security system in place, as well as carry out virtual training for their employees against the risk of cyber attacks.”

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