Food boxes prepped to stay on the menu at supermarkets as 64.5% of customers would buy again

Prepacked food boxes are proving a popular option for the growing number of shoppers prioritising speed of delivery over flexibility of product choice, says GlobalData, a leading data and analytics company.

Thomas Brereton, Analyst at GlobalData, comments: “While only 10.3% of UK shoppers have purchased a food box from a supermarket since the start of the COVID-19 outbreak, almost two-thirds of purchasers (64.5%) would want to buy them again in the future*. So, while the concept started out in mid-March as a compassionate one (as supermarkets tried to increase the speed of delivery to more vulnerable shoppers), it looks set to remain in demand.”

Brereton continues: “The food box solution offers benefits for retailers, as well as consumers willing to sacrifice choice for speed. Driving profit through volume is a standard model, and the more shoppers buy into the concept, the easier supermarkets will be able to further refine ranges and minimise costs. Furthermore, the concept has the potential to provide some logistical relief if social distancing measures are still in place by December, particularly if retailers can create attractive festive bundles to save some shoppers from long queues and busier instore environments in the build up to Christmas.

“As retailers continue to ramp up their home delivery capacity, the need for food boxes will likely diminish. But if grocers can continue to guarantee food boxes will be delivered quicker than standard orders– or if they can create savings for customers by selling the box for less than the aggregate cost of the individual products – there is scope for this market to grow.”

*Survey data based on GlobalData Retail’s monthly 2,000 respondent sample of UK residents, undertaken at the start of June.

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