GlobalData ensuring business continuity and client support in challenging times

Since the outbreak of COVID-19 was confirmed, GlobalData has been closely monitoring and ensuring the timely implementation of the recommendations and advice of the World Health Organization (WHO) to its business operations around the world. This extends to heeding the advice issued by local government and relevant health authorities where we have business operations. Whilst this is challenging times for all business, we believe our measures have been proactive and considered, enabling us to act quickly and appropriately to safeguard the wellbeing of our employees and operations in all locations.

Some of the measures we’ve taken to safeguard our employees and operations include: travel restrictions and bans, reduction in face-to-face meetings, increased virtual meetings, increased cleaning at all of our office locations, the split of our operations to ensure business continuity and investment in technology to sure up our work from home capabilities.

As a business that truly values our clients, I wanted to reassure you that GlobalData has a comprehensive “Business Continuity Management Program” in place for all of our services. This program is designed to prevent a wide variety of events from interfering with our critical operations and the provision of our services to our clients. To-date there have been no service outages as a result of the virus; this indicates that our contingency plans are working effectively and we will continue to monitor them to ensure continuity of services to our clients.

As your trusted intelligence partner, we are committed to providing you with the insight and expertise you need to navigate through these unprecedented times to enable you to make timely decisions and future-proof your business. To this end, our global teams in all sectors are working on a number of new products/services tailored to help you make successful strategic decisions in a direct response to the COVID-19 outbreak. These will be released imminently and we will ensure a full communication plan to enable you to benefit from the implementation of these insights in your business.

For further information relating to GlobalData’s business continuity plans or to discuss changes in your support requirements, please contact: Suzanne Cooper, Global Customer Experience Director or Caroline Vojdani, Global Client Services Director: +44 (0) 207 936 6400.

Best wishes,

Mike Danson

CEO, GlobalData

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