ITC Wills Lifestyle unveils new brand identity to engage with eco-friendly consumers, says GlobalData

Following the recent news that India-based apparel brand ITC Wills Lifestyle has launched a new brand identity – WLS – as part of its strategy to go all 100% natural,

Shagun Sachdeva, Consumer Insights Analyst at GlobalData, offers her view:

“Ethical fashion and sustainable clothing is one trend which is disrupting the entire clothing industry. As consumers are embarking on the growing trend of using natural products, ITC Wills is also evolving by offering 100% natural and fully biodegradable apparels with an aim to ride on the growing wave of interest in eco-friendly clothing and aligning itself with the shifting landscape.

“The company’s strategic move to shift to all-natural clothing by unveiling a new brand identity, WLS, is to leverage on the ‘back to basics’ movement. The company has reoriented its whole product cycle and launched a new brand logo ‘Tattva’ that reflects the stability of nature and persuasion in life along with unique designs inspired by the diversity, craftsmanship and techniques of Gujarat state. The range of purely hand woven apparels, which will be available in cotton, linen, silk or woollen materials, are made of environment friendly paints and will be rolled out in the brand’s retail presence over the first half of 2019.

“With consumers increasingly preferring brands that convey sustainability aspects through their product marketing and packaging, ITC Wills intends to re-align the brand’s ethos and engage with the new set of consumers with eco-friendly products. In addition, the move to reposition itself as a 100% non-toxic and organic brand will not only help the brand to stay competitive in the fast-changing clothing market but also strengthen the company’s marketing message and ignite interest in those who say that their product choices are always/often influenced by the impact on their wellbeing and values.”

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