Latin America Internet household penetration will reach 50% by 2020

Latin America’s broadband penetration reached 45% of households in 2018 from a previous 43% in 2017. Going forward, GlobalData expects 10m new accesses within two years and internet household penetration will reach 50% of households in 2020, according to GlobalData, a leading data and analytics company.

Ivan Maldonado, Technology Analyst at GlobalData commented, “The total number of fixed broadband household penetration will rise 2% or 5m broadband connections in 2019, driven by telecommunication operators, reaching a household penetration of 47% for the same period.”

xDSL currently is the largest broadband category, accounting for 39% of total subscriptions, with Cable a close second at 37% of the total broadband connections. However, by year-end of 2019, cable subscriptions are expected to overtake xDSL as the predominant technology, largely due to the push by cable operators upgrading to HFC networks.

Maldonado continues, “During 2019-2023, Fiber will be fastest growing access technology, and it will become the second largest technology access by year-end 2023, largely due to telcos’ investing in fiber rollouts.”

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