Soaring pneumonia cases across China spark influencer discussions on X, finds GlobalData

China is grappling with a wave of respiratory illnesses during its first unrestricted winter since the COVID-19 pandemic began. This alarming development has sparked conversations and garnered reactions from influencers on the social media platform X, drawing attention to the pneumonia wave in the fourth week of November 2023, reveals the Social Media Analytics Platform of GlobalData, a leading data and analytics company.

Shreyasee Majumder, Social Media Analyst at GlobalData, comments: “Influencers express varied opinions and concerns about the mysterious surge of respiratory illnesses in China. Some influencers expressed concerns over overwhelmed hospitals, particularly those treating children, undiagnosed cases and lack of data transparency, while others emphasized on the importance of preventive measures recommend by WHO. Few influencers are also drawing comparisons to the past pandemics, stressing the need for transparent information, global cooperation, and proactive public health strategies to address the evolving pneumonia challenge.”

Below are a few popular influencer opinions captured by GlobalData’s Social Media Analytics Platform:

  1. Julian Hosp,CEO at Cake Group and

“The underlying issue about the spike in pneumonia cases in China is the (justifiably) absolute zero trust in the WHO or what China’s health officials say. Nevertheless, the most probable scenario atm is that since this is China’s first winter without lockdowns since Covid, that this is just the immune system’s chickens coming home to roost and not a Covid 2.0. Based on travel routes, we will find out soon here in Singapore, where this is our 2nd winter without lockdowns, so we should be fine… What do you think??”

  1. Annie Sparrow, Associate Professor Global Health Icahn School Medicine:

“It’s concerning that @WHO’s presser doesn’t mention confirmed mycoplasma outbreak in South Korea. Mycoplasma is treatable but there is no vaccine, and some indications that the pneumonia may be antimicrobial resistant. Beijing should come clean. We can’t afford another cover-up.”

  1. Laura Miers, Healthcare Expert:

“Hearing about the mysterious pneumonia outbreaks in China, I don’t feel any of the fear & dread I felt back in 2020 because I accepted this is our New Normal long ago. Pretending everything is fine amid record disability & death was never a legitimate public health strategy.”

  1. Michael Le Page, Reporter at New Scientist:

“Will there be another pandemic? Yes, at some point, but these cases of pneumonia in China are highly likely not the start of another one, but just respiratory illnesses rebounding after lockdowns:”

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