Mother’s Day 2021 trends: indulgence a key trend as one third of UK women prefer novel flavors in products

Mother’s Day will be yet another holiday affected by ongoing lockdowns. Naturally, concerns surrounding the pandemic ramped up in the UK throughout March 2020, particularly in the week leading up to Mother’s Day – when the government urged for the public to practise social distancing and ordered for all locations of public gatherings such as pubs, restaurants, cinemas and gyms to temporarily close. While anxieties about the virus rose, Mother’s Day purchases would have been far from people’s minds, with many consumers unable to spend the day celebrating with their moms as planned – resulting in retail shopper penetration for the occasion to drop *5.8ppts to 53.7%.

However, UK consumers also felt more positive about Mother’s Day as an event last year, with a GlobalData survey noting that *85.3% agreed it was an important occasion, up 1.4ppts. This rise was likely influenced by the COVID-19 pandemic and the desire to cherish loved ones despite social distancing measures.

With COVID-19 still affecting this year’s celebrations, leading data and analytics company GlobalData highlights some of the key consumer trends expected from Mother’s Day 2021:

New consumers to be a testing ground for indulgence

While year-long restrictions have deeply influenced consumers’ attitudes and preferences, pre-pandemic demand for indulgence remains high. For example, over half (56%) of UK consumers still admit their purchasing choices are heavily influenced by how enjoyable and unique a product is, according to a survey by GlobalData.

Nina Nowak, Senior Researcher at GlobalData, comments: “Mother’s Day 2021 will bring an opportunity for brands to test the long-term potential of indulgent or tailored options to these newly minded consumers – especially with confectionery, snacking and alcoholic drinks brands.

“Female consumers may be especially open to novel ideas in the confectionery, snacking and alcoholic drinks categories, as 34% of female consumers in the UK typically choose either unusual, new or ‘trendy’ flavors in chocolate, confectionery and desserts. Furthermore, 39% display the same attitude towards alcoholic drinks, compared to significantly lower scores in male respondents: 28% and 24%, respectively.”

Using humour and tailored products

Nowak continues: “One recent trend has been Mother’s Day-themed launches with a humorous edge that answer to a demand for products that comprehend a feeling of positivity and comfort. For example, an M&S play-on-words, Mumosa drink celebrates mothers with a blend of sparkling white wine mixed with strawberry and orange juices, while Hotel Chocolat launched the Yummy Mummy mini chocolate set. Heinz has surprised consumers with a personalized range of staples such as baked beans and ketchup with flower-adorned labels addressed to moms for a less-than-serious gift. Such releases could fit especially well in the current climate and be seen as a welcome attempt to distract the receiver from omnipresent pessimism.

“Demand for tailored products that provide memorable consumption experiences falls in line with the novel and experimental trend that sees shoppers open to new and unique products that allow them to break from their routines. Manufacturers should use public holidays such as Mother’s Day to identify emerging and established demands for everyday potential as these trends are set to last. Such tailored launches can be seen along with numerous hamper and gift options offered by major retailers to consumers wishing to provide mothers with an indulgent celebration.”

The influence of working from home

The unusual circumstances that have seen parents in the UK multi-tasking and sharing their time between work and home schooling has heavily influenced current consumer needs. Indulgent but also ‘comforting’ products that bring a sense of calmness into hectic daily are expected to benefit.

A preference for online shopping

Changing UK shopping habits are likely to influence this year’s purchases, as 44% of shoppers in the UK claim they intend to buy more products online than visiting stores. Last year, online players secured gifting purchases as they enabled consumers to shop from the safety of their own homes, with Amazon and in particular winning spend.

Nowak adds: “Consumers spending more time online, both shopping and using social media, could present opportunities for smaller and niche brands that target shoppers via social media platforms such as Instagram and TikTok.

“The popularity of releases that allow the celebration of certain events at home is likely to outstay lockdown measures”

* Data taken from GlobalData’s report: United Kingdom (UK) Mother’s Day 2020 – Consumer Dynamics and Spending Habits

** Survey data taken from GlobalData’s Coronavirus (COVID-19) recovery consumer survey week 11, published on 9 December 2020 and GlobalData’s 2019 Q4 consumer survey on flavors & fragrances

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