Next-generation plant-based eggs could be a gateway ingredient into healthier eating, says GlobalData

With almost a third* of global consumers telling GlobalData that they are willing to choose vegan eggs over traditional eggs, the leading data and analytics company notes that these could offer consumers a gateway into plant-based/vegan diets.

Carmen Bryan, Consumer Analyst at GlobalData, comments: “Plant-based eggs are the perfect transitional product to adopt a healthier or vegan diet. The formula and ingredients allow for a more versatile product that can be consumed by everyone, regardless of diet.

“Egg alternatives are already witnessing massive success in the fast-food industry, similarly to other meat alternatives, due to their versatility as a cooking ingredient. Chefs can experiment with their menus without compromising on taste or nutrition – ultimately offering the consumer more choice. This is a promising development that will help people familiarize themselves with the product before being widely available at retail stores.”

However, GlobalData notes that barriers surrounding replicating – or, indeed, outperforming – lain eggs’ nutritional profile remain a concern.

Bryan adds: “In a survey by GlobalData, 60% of global consumers said they choose plant-based alternatives to meat and dairy, because they believe that these alternatives are the healthier choice. As consumers become more aware of their diets, and the impact food has on their health and wellbeing, protein alternative manufacturers need to ensure their products are in fact healthier, as well as meet the needs of vegetarian/vegan diets.

“While the favourite ingredients for plant-based eggs – chickpeas, mung beans and pea protein – typically offer plenty of nutritional benefits, not all ingredients have fared as well. Some algae, for instance, can have a diminished nutritional profile or even cause illnesses if it is not processed correctly.”

*30%, somewhat likely or extremely likely answers combined

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