NYC experiencing second rise in COVID-19

New York City has reported a significant rise in the number of COVID-19 cases for the first time since mid-June, prompting fears of a resurgence of the disease in the area in the last two weeks, and there has been an average of more than 1,300 daily new cases for the last 13 days in a row, says GlobalData, a leading data and analytics company.

Topias Lemetyinen, Managing Epidemiologist at GlobalData, comments: “Life had just begun to return to its pre-pandemic standard in New York City, but the increasing case numbers have raised fears of a second major shutdown in the city.”

New York City has been quick in identifying the predominant areas and populations contributing to the rise in cases. Several religious communities have exhibited limited adherence to the preventive measures placed by the city early on, and these communities have seen significant spread of the disease. As the city has begun to reopen, cases are leaving those isolated communities and creating the potential for widespread infection throughout the city.

Lemetyinen adds: “The trend seen in New York City is not isolated, with many states across the US reporting record highs in daily COVID-19 cases. Inconsistent responses and insufficient longevity of protective measures are the primary reasons leading to the new rise in cases seen across the US, which, to date, has seen more than eight million cases and more than 220,000 deaths.”

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