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"Our experience with GlobalData has been very good, from the platform itself to the people. I find that the analysts and the account team have a high level of customer focus and responsiveness and therefore I can always rely on them. The platform is more holistic than other providers. It is convenient and almost like a one stop shop. The pricing suite is highly competitive and valuable for our organisation." David Brown, Head of Customer Insight and Research
"GlobalData has a vast range of information to support my everyday job, focusing on different regions and different categories. Having everything in one place on the Intelligence Center is very convenient. Overall, I use GlobalData as supporting information on trends and insights that I am presenting to customers - it makes the content more trustworthy and data driven." Sunelle Roux, Category & Consumer Insights Manager
"GlobalData enables a quick and easy platform for performing analysis, comparisons and analytics of companies, drugs, indications and many more. It also enables easy access to original resources which, in our point of view, increases the platform’s reliability. GlobalData enables you to easily upload or create watchlists and then analyse, compare, share with team members, all in one place." Shiri Ron, Analyst
"I use the GlobalData Pharma Intelligence Center to find a huge array of information on companies, drugs, disease areas and global trends in the pharma and biotech market. The IC allows me and my team to stay ahead of our competition by giving us invaluable insight as to where to find the best candidates and niche talent pools. We also use the data to guide our business growth decisions by identifying high potential or expanding sectors, functions or therapeutic areas." Oliver Harrison, Senior Partner
"I have all what I need for my BI in one place, the ease of access to cross-information on topics and companies is of great importance. Obtaining market data on different disease segments through GlobalData has been important for Nextera’s activities. The platform gives me a daily overview and I also have saved searches on competitors and potential partners that provide me with necessary intelligence." Ole Henrik Brekke, CBO
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