Online event to reveal six packaging innovations making waves for FMCG Brands

With the recent announcement by the Scottish Government of plans to introduce a deposit on return scheme for plastic bottles and cans and a number of the high profile environmental campaigns highlighting the issue of plastic packaging waste, packaging of all kinds have gained a high profile in the news and become a very topical subject over the last 12 months.

GlobalData’s Packaging Webinar‘, a recognized leader in providing business information and analytics, could not be more timely as it seeks to explore 6 different pieces of packaging innovation in the FMCG market. These packaging innovations have the potential to enhance the shopper experience, cut waste, build brand loyalty and offer brand owners and their supply chain more cost effective and sustainable packaging solutions.

Packaging has to fulfil many tasks and the webinar takes an holistic approach to pack innovation and development including an exploration of the 6 primary functions that need to be included in any packaging innovation project: namely, convenience, shelf presence, cost, safety, functionality and sustainability.

Andrew Streeter, Packaging Innovation and Development Director at GlobalData, who is hosting the webinar, comments: ‘‘The underlining message is that packaged brands must continue to innovate to stay on top of their game. Competitive pressures, coupled with many brands in me-too formats, mean that competition is fierce to stand out from the crowd. This webinar is an opportunity to discover how other companies have exploited different aspects of their packaging strategy to create value, reduce cost and increase the bottom line. We will also share some contemporary issues in the packaging innovation process.’’

The webinar will also review how the packaging innovations discussed actually work, and what their impact is at the point of sale in engaging consumers, with often complex lifestyle needs. Intriguingly, one of these innovations in the retail space, could undermine weak packaged brands and help incentivise consumers who currently buy online to switch back to shopping in the supermarket.

Streeter, continued: ‘‘This webinar is structured for anyone interested in exploring packaging innovation no matter what their discipline is. The content, like packaging itself, is intentionally multi-disciplined to ensure that there is something for everyone.’’

Registration for the webinar, which takes place on September 26th at 8am BST, 3pm BST or 5pm BST, is easy, completely free and open to anyone from any industry who is interested in exploring packaging innovation, however the FMCG marketplace will be the primary focus of the discussion.

Registration details and more information about the webinar is available here: ‘Packaging Webinar’

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