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  • Company Insights

    $350 | October 2022
    Company Insights

    Zego – Tech Innovator Profile

    This report provides insights into Zego, including an overview of the company and its product offering, detailed coverage of its business model and operations, information on its funding and partnerships, and biographies of its senior management. Zego (a trading name of Extracover Limited) is a London-based insurance technology startup that provides pay-as-you-go insurance services to gig economy workers as well as liability insurance for professionals and businesses. Gig economy workers include drivers working for sharing economy companies such as Deliveroo,...

  • Track & Monitor

    $750 | June 2020
    Track & Monitor

    Smart Money Investing in the Financial Services Industry Q1 2020

    GlobalData’s Smart Money Investing in the Financial Services Industry Q1 2020 report provides detailed analysis of investment activities in financial services industry globally during the first quarter of 2020. The report provides comprehensive coverage of investment activities including mergers, acquisitions, asset transactions, venture financing and private equity, both in terms of deal value and volume. It also provides a global snapshot of investment trends in sectors including banking, payments, insurance and wealth management, and information on best practices followed by...

  • Company Insights

    $350 | January 2020
    Company Insights

    Competitor Profile: Cleo

    Cleo is a conversational virtual assistant that allows customers to easily manage their finances. Developed in 2016 as a personal money management tool, Cleo now has 2.9 million users and has made over 850 million transactions. Cleo is aimed at tech-savvy 20-30-year-olds and has been designed to feel like talking to a friend on social media. While Cleo is also an account aggregator like Yolt, it is primarily designed to make personal financial management more interesting and engaging, as well...

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