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The sprint to advance a COVID-19 vaccine is hotly contested. More than 100 vaccines are in preclinical testing, according to GlobalData, while 23 companies have moved their candidates into clinical trials. Broadly, some eight different vaccine technologies are in clinical trials: mRNA, DNA plasmid, protein subunit, adenovirus-vectored, measles-vectored, vesicular stomatitis virus-vectored, adenovirus associated-vectored and inactivated virus vaccines. Seven companies have planned or ongoing Phase II/III studies: AstraZeneca, Inovio, Moderna, Novavax, Pfizer/BioNtech, Sinopharm and Sinovac


Snapshot of upcoming high-impact, catalytic events for COVID-19 vaccines

Insights investigative journalism related to COVID-19 vaccine development

Exclusive analysis of various vaccine technologies' prospects

Considerations for trial protocols and approvals

Key Highlights

Sixteen catalysts highlighted

Eight vaccine technologies in clinical trials discussed

Seven companies with planned or ongoing Phase II/III studies plus others in earlier-stage development analyzed

Five investigative articles on trial design requirements and launch considerations with an early EUA

Five to 12 experts cited per article

Reasons to Buy

Stay ahead of pipeline developments for COVID-19 vaccines

Obtain a snapshot of future, key clinical trial events

Access qualitative asset analysis based on talking to 5-12 KOLs about various vaccines in clinical trials

Leverage investigative journalism content on prospects for vaccine approvals and market uptake

Table of Contents


Upcoming Vaccine Catalysts

Insights Investigative News on Vaccine Technologies

Insights Investigative News on Trial Protocols & Approvals


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Upcoming Vaccine Catalysts

Summary of Insights Investigative News on Vaccine Technologies

Summary of Insights Investigative News on Trial Protocols & Approvals


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