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Fuel Cards in Europe, Top 5 Markets 2017: Market and competitor data and insights into the commercial fuel card sector

"Fuel Cards in Europe, Top 5 Markets 2017", is invaluable for issuers of fleet cards, fuel retailers, fleet leasing companies and other suppliers to the sector. Based on research with issuers and fuel retailers it provides commercial (B2B) fuel card volume (split by fleet and CRT), value and market share forecasts to 2022, key data on independent and oil company card issuers and an analysis of fuel card competition in the Top 5 European countries, France, Germany, Italy, Spain and the UK.

Fleets volumes will make up more than 48.0% of fuel card volumes in the top five by 2022.


– More than 730,000 fleet cards will be issued across the European top five markets over the next five years, as fleet vehicles are forced to use fuel cards to remain competitive. The total number of service stations in France marginally declined by 0.2% in 2016 totalling 11,380 service stations.

– Over 290,000 new fuel cards will be issued in Germany between 2016 and 2022, totalling to 5,638,973 cards in the market.

– The top five fuel card operators in Italy made up 88.5% of fuel card volumes in 2016 as they all offer large card acceptance networks and services such as online monitoring and toll payments.

– Repsol remained the dominant fuel card market leader in Spain despite losing market share accounting for 56.0% in 2016, as clients were drawn to its large domestic card network which accounts for over 31.0% of service stations in Spain. In the UK CRT card volumes increased by 2.9% in 2016. after rising by 2.7% in 2015.

Reasons to Buy

– Plan effective market entry strategies by uncovering current and future volumes and values of the Top 5 Europe fuel card markets.

– Assess whether you should increase network acceptance of your card and identify potential new merchants by uncovering the position of competitors.

– Whether you are an issuer, a processor, a leasing company or a fuel retailer, make informed pitches to partners by understanding their business.

– Enhance fuel sales at your service stations by identifying which fuel cards you should accept based on their market shares and network acceptance.

– Plan your regional strategy by understanding the Top 5 European markets, France, Germany, Italy, Spain and the UK.

Key Players








Agip (Eni)





Circle K








Table of Contents

Table of Contents

Top 5 Market Overview 3


Market Overview 10

Market Size 12

Market Forecast 19

Channel Share 26

Market Shares 30

Major Competitors 35

Competitor Card Analysis 40


Market Overview 54

Market Size 56

Market Forecast 63

Channel Share 70

Market Shares 74

Major Competitors 79

Competitor Card Analysis 84


Market Overview 96

Market Size 98

Market Forecast 105

Channel Share 112

Market Shares 116

Major Competitors 121

Competitor Card Analysis 126


Market Overview 137

Market Size 139

Market Forecast 146

Channel Share 153

Market Shares 157

Major Competitors 162

Competitor Card Analysis 167

The UK

Market Overview 177

Market Size 179

Market Forecast 186

Channel Share 193

Market Shares 197

Major Competitors 202

Competitor Card Analysis 207

Appendix 219


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