Global Government Biometrics Market 2017-2027

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The Global Government Biometrics Market 2017-2027 report offers a detailed analysis of the industry, with market size forecasts covering the next ten years. This report will also analyze factors that influence demand for biometrics, key market trends, and challenges faced by industry participants.


Governments and law enforcement agencies are adopting numerous long term e-passport and national identity card programs, which is fuelling growth in the biometric market.

The US, and European nations including the UK, Germany, France, were early adopters of biometric recognition systems; however, the technology has now found a strong foothold in emerging markets such as China, India, Australia, Brazil, Saudi Arabia, and Mexico.

Though a major portion of the biometrics market consists of fingerprint recognition and facial recognition technologies, other technologies, such as iris recognition, voice recognition, and vein recognition are also rapidly gaining importance with governments.

Key Highlights

– The Global Government Biometric market will value US$4.3 billion by the end of 2017 and is expected to register a CAGR of 6.37%, to reach US$7.9 billion in 2027.

– In terms of segments, the fingerprint recognition segment is expected to account for 36.4% of the market owing to its large scale implementation in various government projects across the globe. Fingerprint recognition segment is followed by the facial recognition segment, with a share of 31.0%. Iris/retinal identification, signature recognition, and other technologies account for 14.7%, 10.8%, and 7.0% of the total market share respectively.

Reasons to Buy

– Determine prospective investment areas based on a detailed trend analysis of the government biometrics market over the next ten years

– Gain in-depth understanding about the underlying factors driving demand for different biometrics segments in the top spending countries across the world and identify the opportunities offered by each of them

– Strengthen your understanding of the market in terms of demand drivers, industry trends, and the latest technological developments, among others

– Identify the major channels that are driving the global government biometrics market, providing a clear picture about future opportunities that can be tapped, resulting in revenue expansion

– Channelize resources by focusing on the ongoing programs that are being undertaken by the internal ministries of different countries within the biometrics market

– Make correct business decisions based on thorough analysis of the total competitive landscape of the sector with detailed profiles of the top biometrics service providers around the world which include information about their products, alliances, recent contract wins and financial analysis wherever available

Precise Biometrics,HID Biometrics.
3M Cogent,Giesecke & Devrient (G&D),Gemalto,SecuGen Corporation,Fujitsu,Computer Sciences Corporation,SUPREMA,Morpho,Cross Match Technologies, Inc.
NEC Corporation,Smartmatic International Corporation

Table of Contents

Table of Contents

Executive Summary

Global Government Biometrics Market – Overview

Market Dynamics

Demand Drivers: Analysis of factors that trigger spending within the segment

Trends: Prevalent practices, industry consolidation and procurement patterns within the market

Technological Developments: New products, processes and innovations recently inducted within the segment

Key Challenges: Obstacles affecting segment growth

Government Biometrics Market – Segment Analysis

Segment Analysis: Fingerprint Recognition

Market size and CAGR growth analysis, 2017-2027

Change in market share, 2017-2027

Segment Analysis: Facial Recognition

Market size and CAGR growth analysis, 2017-2027

Change in market share, 2017-2027

Segment Analysis: Iris/Retinal Recognition

Market size and CAGR growth analysis, 2017-2027

Change in market share, 2017-2027

Segment Analysis: Signature Recognition

Market size and CAGR growth analysis, 2017-2027

Change in market share, 2017-2027

Segment Analysis: Other Technologies

Market size and CAGR growth analysis, 2017-2027

Change in market share, 2017-2027 Regional Review

Defense capital expenditure

Capex forecast, 2016- 2026

Factors influencing military modernization programs

Government Biometrics Market – Regional Analysis

Regional overview

Factors driving spending within the region

Regional expenditure on each sub-segment , 2017-2027

Market Size and CAGR growth analysis, 2017-2027

Change in market share, 2017-2027

Trend Analysis – Key Defense Markets

Country -wise breakdown of expenditure for each region

Sub-segment wise analysis for each country

Major Programs for each country

Market Size and CAGR growth analysis, 2017-2027

Change in market share, 2017-2027

Key Programs Analysis

Description of key programs

Delivery period, units and total expenditure

Competitive Landscape Analysis

Competitive analysis – 17 leading companies

Major Products and Services

Major Alliances and Recent Contracts

Financial Analysis covering Revenue, Operating Profit and Net Profit


List of Tables

Government Biometrics Market Size by Segment 35

Government Biometrics Market Size by Region 50

Country Analysis: US 60

Country Analysis: US 61

Country Analysis: China 65

Country Analysis: India 70

Country Analysis: India 71

Country Analysis: Japan 75

Country Analysis: Russia 79

Country Analysis: The UK 85

Country Analysis: The UK 86

Country Analysis: France 89

Country Analysis: Saudi Arabia 93

Country Analysis: UAE 97

Country Analysis: Brazil 101

Country Analysis: Brazil 102

Country Analysis: Mexico 105

Country Analysis: Mexico 106

Country Analysis: South Africa 109

Program Analysis: The US – US VISIT program 114

Program Analysis: The US – E-Passport program 115

Program Analysis: US – Next Generation Identification (NGI) Program 116

Program Analysis: UK – Forensic and Biometric Interim Capability Service (FABrIC) Program 117

Program Analysis: India – Unique Identification (Number) Authority of India (UIDAI) Project 118

Profile: Precise Biometrics 120

Profile: Precise Biometrics – Alliances and Contracts 121

Profile: HID Global 123

Profile: HID Global – Alliances and Contracts 124

Profile: 3M Cogent 125

Profile: 3M Cogent – Alliances and Contracts 126

Profile: Giesecke & Devrient (G&D) 127

Profile: Giesecke & Devrient (G&D) – Alliances and Contracts 128

Profile: Gemalto 129

Profile: Gemalto – Alliances 130

Profile: Gemalto – Contracts 131

Profile: SecuGen Corp. 133

Profile: SecuGen Corp. – Alliances 134

Profile: Fujitsu 135

Profile: Fujitsu – Alliances and Contracts 136

Profile: Computer Sciences Corporation 138

Profile: Computer Sciences Corporation – Alliances and Contracts 139

Profile: Suprema Inc. 141

Profile: Suprema Inc. – Alliances and Contracts 142

Profile: Morpho 144

Profile: Morpho – Alliances and Contracts 145

Profile: Cross Match Technologies 146

Profile: Cross Match Technologies – Alliances and Contracts 147

Profile: NEC Corporation 148

Profile: NEC Corporation – Alliances and Contracts 149

Profile: Smartmatic International Corporation 151

Profile: Smartmatic International Corporation – Alliances and Contracts 152

Profile: Vision-Box, SA 153

Profile: Vision-Box, SA – Alliances and Contracts 154

Profile: XTec Incorporated 155

Profile: XTec Incorporated – Alliances and Contracts 156


List of Figures

Global Government Biometrics Market: Key Statistics 19

Global Government Biometrics Market by Region and Segment 35

Global Government Biometrics Market: Segment Analysis 36

Market Size – Fingerprint Recognition: 2017-2027 37

Change in Market Share: 2017-2027 37

Market Size – Facial Recognition: 2017-2027 38

Change in Market Share: 2017-2027 38

Market Size – Iris/Retinal Recognition: 2017-2027 39

Change in Market Share: 2017-2027 39

Market Size – Signature Recognition: 2017-2027 40

Change in Market Share: 2017-2027 40

Market Size – Other Technologies: 2017-2027 41

Change in Market Share: 2017-2027 41

CAPEX: North America 43

CAPEX: Europe 44

CAPEX: Asia-Pacific 45

CAPEX: Middle East 46

CAPEX: Latin America 47

CAPEX: Africa 48

Global Government Biometrics Market: Regional Analysis 50

Regional Analysis: Overview 51

Government Biometrics Market Size – North America: 2017-2027 52

Change in Market share: 2017-2027 52

Government Biometrics Market Size – Asia-Pacific: 2017-2027 53

Change in Market Share: 2017-2027 53

Government Biometrics Market Size – Europe: 2017-2027 54

Change in Market Share: 2017-2027 54

Government Biometrics Market Size – Middle East: 2017-2027 55

Change in Market Share: 2017-2027 55

Government Biometrics Market Size – Latin America: 2017-2027 56

Change in Market Share: 2017-2027 56

Government Biometrics Market Size – Africa: 2017-2027 57

Change in Market Share: 2017-2027 57

Country Analysis: Overview 59

Government Biometrics Market: The US 60

Government Biometrics Market: The US Segment Share 61

US Fingerprint Recognition Market: 2017-2027 62

Change in Market Share: 2017-2027 62

US Facial Recognition Market: 2017-2027 63

Change in Market Share: 2017-2027 63

US Iris/Retinal Recognition Market: 2017-2027 64

Change in Market Share: 2017-2027 64

Government Biometrics Market: China 65

Government Biometrics Market: China Segment Share 66

China Fingerprint Recognition Market: 2017-2027 67

Change in Market Share: 2017-2027 67

China Facial Recognition Market: 2017-2027 68

Change in Market Share: 2017-2027 68

China Iris/Retinal Recognition Market: 2017-2027 69

Change in Market Share: 2017-2027 69

Government Biometrics Market: India 70

Government Biometrics Market: India Segment Share 71

India Fingerprint Recognition Market: 2017-2027 72

Change in Market Share: 2017-2027 72

India Facial Recognition Market: 2017-2027 73

Change in Market Share: 2017-2027 73

India Iris/Retinal Recognition Market: 2017-2027 74

Change in Market Share: 2017-2027 74

Government Biometrics Market: Japan 75

Government Biometrics Market: Japan Segment Share 76

Japan Facial Recognition Market: 2017-2027 77

Change in Market Share: 2017-2027 77

Japan Fingerprint Recognition Market: 2017-2027 78

Change in Market Share: 2017-2027 78

Government Biometrics Market: Russia 79

Government Biometrics Market: Russia Segment Share 80

Russia Fingerprint Recognition Market: 2017-2027 81

Change in Market Share: 2017-2027 81

Russia Facial Recognition Market: 2017-2027 82

Change in Market Share: 2017-2027 82

Russia Signature Recognition Market: 2017-2027 83

Change in Market Share: 2017-2027 83

Government Biometrics Market: UK 84

Government Biometrics Market: UK Segment Share 85

UK Facial Recognition Market: 2017-2027 86

Change in Market Share: 2017-2027 86

UK Fingerprint Recognition Market: 2017-2027 87

Change in Market Share: 2017-2027 87

UK Signature Recognition Market: 2017-2027 88

Change in Market Share: 2017-2027 88

Government Biometrics Market: France 89

Government Biometrics Market: France Segment Share 90

France Facial Recognition Market: 2017-2027 91

Change in Market Share: 2017-2027 91

France Fingerprint Recognition Market: 2017-2017 92

Change in Market Share: 2017-2027 92

Government Biometrics Market: Saudi Arabia 93

Government Biometrics Market: Saudi Arabia Segment Share 94

Saudi Arabia Fingerprint Recognition Market: 2017-2027 95

Change in Market Share: 2017-2027 95

Saudi Arabia Facial Recognition Market: 2017-2027 96

Change in Market Share: 2017-2027 96

Government Biometrics Market: UAE 97

Government Biometrics Market: UAE Segment Share 98

UAE Facial Recognition Market: 2017-2027 99

Change in Market Share: 2017-2027 99

UAE Fingerprint Recognition Market: 2017-2027 100

Change in Market Share: 2017-2027 100

Government Biometrics Market: Brazil 101

Government Biometrics Market: Brazil Segment Share 102

Brazil Fingerprint Recognition Market: 2017-2027 103

Change in Market Share: 2017-2027 103

Brazil Facial Recognition Market: 2017-2027 104

Change in Market Share: 2017-2027 104

Government Biometrics Market: Mexico 105

Government Biometrics Market: Mexico Segment Share 106

Mexico Fingerprint Recognition Market: 2017-2027 107

Change in Market Share: 2017-2027 107

Mexico Facial Recognition Market: 2017-2027 108

Change in Market Share: 2017-2027 108

Government Biometrics Market: South Africa 109

Government Biometrics Market: South Africa Segment Share 110

South Africa Fingerprint Recognition Market: 2017-2027 111

Change in Market Share: 2017-2027 111

South Africa Facial Recognition Market: 2017-2027 112

Change in Market Share: 2017-2027 112

Profile: Precise Biometrics – Financial Analysis 122

Profile: Gemalto – Financial Analysis 132

Profile: Fujitsu – Financial Analysis 137

Profile: Computer Sciences Corporation – Financial Analysis 140

Profile: Suprema Inc. – Financial Analysis 143

Profile: NEC Corporation – Financial Analysis 150

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