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Low Cost Carrier Airlines Market Size and Forecast, Key Trends, Company Profiles, 2020-2025

GlobalData’s Low Cost Airline Market report provides in-depth analysis of the key market trends that are shaping the future of this segment and an analysis of the low cost airline market globally. Detailed market insight is provided on the Americas, Asia-Pacific, Middle East & Africa, and Europe. It also features profiles of some of the segment’s leading players and looks at how companies can better meet their customers' needs.


– Though the US was the worst affected country by the coronavirus pandemic, the LCC market in the country managed to be number 1 in terms of seats sold in 2020, with 115.5 million seats sold. Spain and the UK held the second and third positions, respectively.

– The pandemic has transformed the customer preferences to a greater extend with safety and hygiene becoming the need of the hour. As social distancing is the new normal, the demand for digitalized services and contactless technologies is also booming.

– By keeping costs down and prices low, the ULCCs have managed to gain a considerable market share from legacy competitors and have developed a new demographic segment called family flyers, who earlier used to either travel by car or stay home.

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– Understand the impact of COVID-19 on this market

– Gauge which are the biggest and most promising regional markets for the low cost airlines market

– Understand the demand-side dynamics within the industry to identify key trends and growth opportunities

– Gain an understanding of the outlook for regional markets and learn from existing successes and our recommendations.

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Southwest Airlines





Table of Contents

Table of Contents


Key Trends


Key Insights




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Company Profiles

Southwest Airlines

Ryanair Holdings



Indigo Airlines



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List of Figures

List of Figures

Figure 1: Top LCC Markets in 2020, number of seats sold (million)

Figure 2: Top LCC Markets in 2020, number of seats sold (million)

Figure 3: Top five Americas markets: Number of seats sold, LCC (million)

Figure 4: Top five Americas markets: Load Factor (%), LCC

Figure 5: Top five Asia-Pacific markets: Number of seats sold, LCC (million)

Figure 6: Top five Asia-Pacific markets: Load Factor (%), LCC

Figure 7: Top five Europe markets: Number of seats sold, LCC (million)

Figure 8: Top five Europe markets: Load Factor (%), LCC

Figure 9: Top five Middle East & Africa markets: Number of seats sold, LCC (million)

Figure 10: Top five Middle East & Africa markets: load factor (%), LCC

Figure 11: Top 10 LCC markets by total number of seats sold, 2020 versus 2025 (million)


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