Quantum Computing in Oil and Gas – Thematic Research

Pages: 50 Published: June 02, 2021 Report Code: GDOG-TR-S050

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Quantum computers are machines that use the properties of quantum physics to store data and perform computations. Use cases stretch from improved weather forecasting to cracking the codes used to encrypt all internet messaging. The company (or government) that owns the first at-scale quantum computer will be powerful indeed. Quantum computers are proving extremely difficult to build, and fully-fledged commercial computers are not expected for 10, 20, or even 30 years. However, within the next five to seven years, intermediate quantum computers are likely to become available that can offer a quantum advantage over classical computers in certain optimization applications across, for example, space warfare, logistics, drug discovery, and options trading.

Oil majors ExxonMobil, Total, Shell, and BP, are among the few industry participants to venture into quantum computing. Although these companies intend to use the technology to solve diverse business problems, quantum chemistry is emerging as the common focus area of research in the initial phase.


Overview of the emergence of quantum computing as a theme and its potential applications in the oil and gas industry

Review of the recent technological advancements in quantum computing that could set the tone for its adoption across diverse industries

Assessment of the strategies and initiatives adopted by oil and gas companies to gain a first-mover advantage in this theme

Reasons to Buy

Understand the importance of quantum computing in oil and gas operations

Identify the key sectoral, technology, and macroeconomic trends influencing the quantum computing theme

Highlight the emerging use cases for quantum computing in the oil and gas industry

Identify and benchmark key oil and gas companies and technology providers based on their exposure to the quantum computing theme

Table of Contents

Executive summary 3

Impact on the oil and gas industry 4

Players 6

Technology briefing 7

Trends 12

Oil and gas trends 12

Technology trends 14

Macroeconomic trends 16

Industry analysis 18

Market size and growth forecasts 18

Patent trends 18

Mergers, acquisitions, and financing 20

Timeline 22

Industry use cases 23

Value chain 26

Quantum infrastructure 27

Quantum computing hardware platform 29

Quantum software 32

Quantum applications 34

Quantum services 36

Companies 38

Oil and gas companies 38

Public companies 39

Private companies 41

Glossary 43

Further reading 46

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