Super Bowl LV, 2022 – Pre Event Analysis

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The Super Bowl is far more than just a single American Football game, with a typical domestic TV audience between 90 and 100 million viewers, combined with the millions watching globally, it is described as the biggest sporting event on the planet. As such, the Super Bowl is a piece of entertainment, which fully buys into the heavy commercialisation associated with the United States, with huge stages, productions and prices. For many, watching the Super Bowl goes beyond Football and is more closely linked to the on-field entertainment, with the Half-Time Show an annual highlight.

What is the impact of COVID-19 on Super Bowl LV, 2022?

Despite the rate of COVID-19 infections still hitting high numbers across the United States, the Super Bowl will return to full capacity, having been forced into a limited seated event in 2021. In 2020, the Super Bowl was just able to avoid being hit by the effects of COVID-19, as mass postponements and cancellations did not hit the American sporting calendar until mid-March, around five to six weeks after its 2020 event. In 2021, however, the Super Bowl was forced to limit its crowd to 22,000, a number some three times smaller than what could have been achieved in Florida. This meant that the 2021 Super Bowl stands as the lowest live attended in the events history.

Who are the key broadcasters of Super Bowl LV, 2022?

Few of the key broadcasters of Super Bowl LV, 2022 are NCB, Channel 7, Foxtel & Kayo, ESPN, Rede!, Bell, CTV, DAZN, RDS, & TSN, BesTV, Fujian Sports, Fox Sports, G-Sports, Guangdong Sports, Hangzhou Sports, Tencent & Tianjin Sports, and BBC & Sky Sports.

NBC will be the main domestic broadcaster of Super Bowl LVI as per the usual switch in US broadcasting rights for the game which was agreed within in larger NFL rights. These main broadcasting rights are shared by the NBC along with CBS and Fox, with these two having aired the previous two Super Bowl events. These three broadcasters are the main contributors to the NFL’s season broadcasting deal, alongside Amazon/Twitch and ESPN, with this deal also offering each of them exclusive rights to air regular season games before the Super Bowl. In March 2021, the NFL announced an increase in the value of these rights as per a new agreement signed, which keeps the main broadcasting rights with CBS, ESPN, Fox, NBC and Amazon, in a deal which will run from 2023 until 2033.

Who are the key sponsors of Super Bowl LV, 2022?

Some of the key sponsors of Super Bowl LV, 2022 are Verizon, EA sports, Nike, Microsoft, Bose, Fanatics, Amazon Web Services, Subway, and Visa.

As a sporting property with strong audiences, both on TV and in stadia, along with a heightened sense of commercialization, the NFL has many brand partnerships.

Super Bowl LV, 2022, by key sponsors

Super Bowl LV, 2022, by key sponsors

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Market report scope

Key sponsors Verizon, EA sports, Nike, Microsoft, Bose, Fanatics, Amazon Web Services, Subway, and Visa


  • The report takes an in-depth look at some of the key and biggest financial figures associated with the Super Bowl. It offers an understanding as to just how much money is exchanged across the weekend as well as taking a closer look at how the NFL has been performing over the course of the 2021-22 season, as it hopes for a rise in TV audiences, which have been on the decline in recent years.

Key Highlights

An overview of how COVID-19 has affected the NFL this season as well as its current impact on American society. It also breaks down the main sposnorship deals linked to the NFL, competing teams, and the main players set to feature in the game. The report also looks at the interest in TV coverage, as the NFL hopes to secure an increase in TV viewership as brands are charged an increasing amount to advertise to its huge TV audience.

Reasons to Buy

  • An in depth look at the pinnacle NFL sports event which this year features the LA Rams and Cincinatti Bengals. The report produces great insight as well as number of interesting facts and figures against each team as they each look to compete for the biggest prize in American Football.

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