United States MRI Systems Market Outlook to 2025

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GlobalData’s “United States MRI Systems Market Outlook to 2025” is a comprehensive databook report, covering key market data on the United States MRI Systems market. The databook report provides value (USD), volume (units) and average prices (USD) within market segments – 3T MRI Systems, 1.5T MRI Systems and 0.2T-1.2T MRI Systems.

The United States MRI Systems Market report provides key information and data on:
• Annualized market revenues (USD), volume (units) and average prices (USD) data for each of the market segments. Data is provided from 2015 to 2025.
• 2019 company share and distribution share data for MRI Systems Market.
• Global corporate-level profiles of key companies operating within the United States MRI Systems Market. Based on the availability of data for the particular category and country, information related to pipeline products, news and deals is also available in the report.


United States MRI Systems is segmented as follows:

• 3T MRI Systems

• 1.5T MRI Systems

• 0.2T-1.2T MRI Systems

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Key Reasons to Purchase – The United States MRI Systems Market report helps you to develop:

• Business strategies by identifying the key market segments poised for strong growth in the future.

• Market-entry and market expansion strategies.

• Design competition strategies by identifying who-stands-where in the market.

• Develop investment strategies by identifying the key market segments expected to register strong growth in the near future.

• Understand the key distribution channels and what’s the most preferred mode of product distribution – Identify, understand and capitalize.

Key companies covered in the “United States MRI Systems Market Outlook to 2025” report:
• Siemens Healthineers AG
• GE Healthcare LLC
• Philips Healthcare

Table of Contents

1 Table of Contents

1 Table of Contents 2

1.1 List of Tables 7

1.2 List of Figures 7

2 Introduction 8

2.1 What Is This Report About? 8

2.2 MRI Systems Market Segmentation 8

2.3 Definitions of Markets Covered in the Report 9

3 MRI Systems Market, United States 10

3.1 MRI Systems Market, United States, Revenue ($m), 2015-2025 10

3.2 MRI Systems Market, United States, Volume (Units), 2015-2025 12

3.3 MRI Systems Market, United States, Average Price ($) , 2015-2025 14

3.4 MRI Systems Market, United States, Distribution Share by Revenue ($m), 2019 15

3.5 MRI Systems Market, United States, Company Share by Revenue ($m), 2019 16

4 Overview of Key Companies in United States, MRI Systems Market 17

4.1 Siemens Healthineers AG 17

4.1.1 Company Overview 17

4.2 GE Healthcare LLC 17

4.2.1 Company Overview 17

4.3 Philips Healthcare 17

4.3.1 Company Overview 17

4.4 Canon Medical Systems Corp 18

4.4.1 Company Overview 18

5 MRI Systems Market Pipeline Products 19

6 Financial Deals Landscape 21

6.1 Acquisition 21

6.1.1 SymphonyAI Group Acquires TeraRecon 21

6.1.2 Accumen Acquires 3DR Laboratories 22

6.2 Debt Offerings 23

6.2.1 MRI Interventions Raises USD17.5 Million in Private Placement of Notes 23

6.2.2 Bruker Raises USD301.6 Million in Private Placement of Senior Notes 25

6.3 Equity Offerings 26

6.3.1 iCAD Plans to Raise up to USD25 Million in Public Offering of Shares 26

6.3.2 Polarean Imaging to Raise USD7.7 Million in Private Placement of Shares 27

6.3.3 Polarean Imaging Raises Funds through Private Placement of Shares upon Exercise of Warrants 29

6.3.4 ViewRay Raises USD149.5 Million in Public Offering of Shares 30

6.3.5 Polarean Imaging Raises Funds through Private Placement of Shares upon Exercise of Warrants 32

6.3.6 Polarean Imaging Raises USD2.6 Million in Private Placement of Shares 33

6.3.7 iCAD Raises USD10.34 Million in Public Offering of Shares 35

6.3.8 MRI Interventions Raises USD7.5 Million in Private Placement of Shares 37

6.4 Partnerships 39

6.4.1 ViewRay to Form Partnership with Elekta 39

6.4.2 ViewRay to Form Partnership with Medtronic 40

6.4.3 Bruker Enter into Development Agreement with Champalimaud Foundation 41

6.5 Venture Financing 42

6.5.1 InSightec Raises USD107.3 Million in Series F Financing 42

6.5.2 Nous Imaging Raises USD6.6 Million in Financing 43

6.5.3 Promaxo Secures USD8 Million in Funding Round 44

6.5.4 Waveguide Raises USD2.62 Million in Venture Financing 45

7 Recent Developments 46

7.1 Corporate Communications 46

7.1.1 Feb 20, 2020: HeartVista announces formation of Medical and Scientific Advisory Board with leaders from Stanford University and the University of Wisconsin 46

7.1.2 Feb 04, 2020: New device identifies high-quality blood donors 46

7.1.3 Jan 27, 2020: Mark Leslie, former VERITAS CEO & Chairman, joins HeartVista Board of Directors 47

7.1.4 Jan 13, 2020: iCAD appoints Nathaniel Dalton to its board of directors 48

7.1.5 Dec 16, 2019: NYC Health + Hospitals/Metropolitan, City Council Speaker Johnson, and Council Member Diana Ayala secure funding for critical MRI equipment 49

7.1.6 Nov 27, 2019: Dr. Michelle Le Beau named to Varian board of directors 49

7.1.7 Nov 12, 2019: PaxeraHealth adds to its advisory board 50

7.1.8 Oct 29, 2019: Varian names Anshul Maheshwari vice president investor relations 50

7.1.9 Oct 23, 2019: Varian appoints new president of interventional oncology solutions and new Chief Financial Officer 51

7.1.10 Sep 16, 2019: Varian names Chief Medical Officer for Interventional Oncology 52

7.1.11 Aug 21, 2019: Dr. Phil Febbo named to Varian Board of Directors 52

7.1.12 Aug 08, 2019: Largest peer-reviewed study on AI in health care shows real-world significance of EyeArt AI eye screening system from Eyenuk 53

7.1.13 Aug 06, 2019: Healthcare Veteran Kristine Johnson to join MRI Interventions' board of directors 55

7.1.14 Jul 29, 2019: New research facility allows researchers an unprecedented ability to investigate infectious pathogens like HIV 55

7.1.15 Jul 16, 2019: ViewRay announces appointment of Dr. Gail Wilensky to its Board of Directors 56

7.1.16 Jul 03, 2019: Britta Lesaux appointed president & CEO Philips Canada 56

7.1.17 May 06, 2019: iCAD names R. Scott Areglado as chief financial officer 57

7.1.18 Apr 29, 2019: Polarean Imaging announces appointment of chief financial officer 57

7.1.19 Apr 24, 2019: GE Healthcare joins AMSUS Executive Advisory Board to support improving care across the U.S. Federal health sector 58

7.1.20 Apr 23, 2019: Vivid Vision, MediView XR and Augment Therapy take top honors in the Medical Capital Innovation Competition 58

7.2 Financial Announcements 59

7.2.1 Feb 27, 2020: iCAD reports fourth quarter and full-year 2019 financial results 59

7.2.2 Feb 25, 2020: Tytek Medical recalls TM-317 PneumoDart-Pneumothorax Needle due to fully and partially blocked needles 61

7.2.3 Feb 12, 2020: ClearPoint Neuro reports 53% increase in 2019 revenue 63

7.2.4 Feb 10, 2020: FONAR announces fiscal 2020 2nd Quarter and six months financial results 64

7.2.5 Jan 29, 2020: Varian reports results for first quarter of fiscal year 2020 67

7.2.6 Jan 13, 2020: ViewRay announces preliminary fourth quarter and full year 2019 results 68

7.2.7 Jan 12, 2020: Hologic announces preliminary financial results for first quarter of fiscal 2020 68

7.2.8 Nov 22, 2019: Varian updates GAAP results for fourth quarter and full fiscal year 2019 69

7.2.9 Nov 12, 2019: MRI Interventions reports 62% increase in 2019 third quarter revenue 69

7.2.10 Nov 12, 2019: ViewRay reports third quarter 2019 results 70

7.2.11 Nov 06, 2019: Celgene to present abstracts on CC-92480 at American Society of Hematology (ASH) 2019 Annual Meeting 71

7.2.12 Nov 06, 2019: Hologic announces financial results for fourth quarter of fiscal 2019 73

7.2.13 Oct 31, 2019: Bruker reports third quarter 2019 financial results 74

7.2.14 Oct 30, 2019: iCAD reports financial and operating results for the third quarter and nine months ended September 30, 2019 75

7.2.15 Oct 23, 2019: Varian reports results for fourth quarter and full fiscal year 2019 77

7.2.16 Oct 15, 2019: ViewRay announces preliminary third quarter 2019 results and details of upcoming conference call 79

7.2.17 Sep 24, 2019: Polarean Imaging: Half-year Report 79

7.2.18 Sep 23, 2019: IRLAB presents at the 2019 International Congress of Parkinson's Disease and Movement Disorders 81

7.2.19 Sep 17, 2019: Adaptive Biotechnologies enters partnership for use Of clonoSEQ as preferred MRD Test for drug development across Amgen’s Hematology Franchise 82

7.2.20 Aug 08, 2019: ViewRay reports second quarter 2019 results 83

7.2.21 Aug 06, 2019: MRI Interventions reports 58% increase in 2019 second quarter revenue 84

7.2.22 Aug 01, 2019: iCAD reports second quarter 2019 financial results 85

7.2.23 Aug 01, 2019: Bruker reports second quarter 2019 financial results 87

7.2.24 Jul 31, 2019: Hologic announces financial results for third quarter of fiscal 2019 88

7.2.25 Jul 24, 2019: Varian reports results for Third Quarter of Fiscal Year 2019 89

7.2.26 Jul 08, 2019: Alder BioPharmaceuticals to showcase 14 new data presentations demonstrating Eptinezumab's migraine prevention and quality of life impact at American Headache Society Meeting 90

7.2.27 Jun 27, 2019: Polarean Imaging: Final results for the year ended 31 December 2018 93

7.2.28 May 13, 2019: FONAR announces fiscal 2019 3rd quarter and nine-months financial results 97

7.2.29 May 07, 2019: iCAD reports first quarter 2019 financial results 99

7.2.30 May 02, 2019: ViewRay reports first quarter 2019 results 100

7.2.31 May 02, 2019: Bruker reports first quarter 2019 financial results 101

7.2.32 May 01, 2019: Hologic announces financial results for second quarter of fiscal 2019 101

7.2.33 Apr 30, 2019: MRI Interventions Reports 52% Increase in First Quarter Revenue 103

7.2.34 Apr 25, 2019: Arkansas Children's selects Excel Medical for Device Integration into Epic 104

7.2.35 Apr 24, 2019: Sun Nuclear spotlights comprehensive quality management at ESTRO 38 105

7.3 Government and Public Interest 106

7.3.1 Dec 18, 2019: Orthopaedic Surgeon, Dr. Jeffrey Carlson, first in Central and Eastern Virginia to implant the M6-C Artificial Cervical Disc 106

7.3.2 Oct 14, 2019: New study challenges nerve damage hypothesis in traumatic brain injury 107

7.3.3 Oct 01, 2019: BlueWillow Awarded NIH Contract to Advance Development of its Therapeutic Peanut Allergy Vaccine 108

7.3.4 Sep 11, 2019: Varian expects to benefit from linear accelerator tariff exclusion in China 109

7.3.5 Aug 03, 2019: New FDA draft MR guidance to prevent fatal attraction 109

7.3.6 Jun 04, 2019: Researchers study surveillance MRI in Breast Cancer survivors 110

7.3.7 May 06, 2019: DJO expands MotionMD Solution to include real-time insurance verification system 111

7.3.8 Apr 25, 2019: Women with coronary artery wall thickness at risk for heart disease 112

7.4 Legal And Regulatory 113

7.4.1 Jan 23, 2020: Vulnerability disclosure regarding GE Healthcare monitoring products 113

7.4.2 Jan 13, 2020: MRI Interventions to change corporate name to ClearPoint Neuro 115

7.5 Other Significant Developments 115

7.5.1 Mar 31, 2020: iCAD announces new credit facility with Bridge Bank, increasing operational flexibility 115

7.5.2 Feb 11, 2020: Varex announces renewed pricing agreement with Canon Medical Systems 116

7.5.3 Feb 05, 2020: Hologic launches new scalable options for panther system in the United States and Europe 116

7.5.4 Jan 29, 2020: Massachusetts General Hospital selects Varian Radiotherapy Systems for Cancer Center 117

7.5.5 Jan 06, 2020: MEDNAX expands presence in Florida through affiliation with leading radiology practice 117

7.5.6 Dec 03, 2019: GE Healthcare to deploy digital imaging technologies at Affidea 118

7.5.7 Nov 15, 2019: Next-Generation imaging key to fighting advanced Prostate Cancer 118

7.5.8 Nov 06, 2019: Varian Selected by Michigan Oncology Quality Consortium to support transition to value-based care 120

7.5.9 Nov 04, 2019: Pro Medicus signs A$9M 5-year Contract with The Ohio State University Wexner Medical Center 121

7.5.10 Oct 30, 2019: Proton Therapy opens at Sibley Memorial Hospital, a member of Johns Hopkins Medicine, US Top-Ranked Healthcare Institution 121

7.5.11 Oct 24, 2019: USA Today Article Confuses Patients on Benefits of 3D Mammography for Breast Cancer Screening 122

7.5.12 Oct 09, 2019: As part of transformation strategy, NYC Health + Hospitals invests $224 million to upgrade medical imaging technology system-wide over next 10 years 123

7.5.13 Sep 17, 2019: Biognosys and bruker collaborate to support ion mobility on timsTOF Pro with Spectronaut 124

7.5.14 Aug 26, 2019: Innovative imaging approach uncovers pathway changes after stroke 124

7.5.15 Aug 21, 2019: Yale study uses real-time fMRI to treat Tourette Syndrome 125

7.5.16 Aug 16, 2019: Neuroradiologist using AI, computational MRI to improve diagnostic techniques 126

7.5.17 Aug 05, 2019: Varian announces Immaterial Impact of newly proposed Tariffs 126

7.5.18 Jul 29, 2019: $47 million grant to explore how a healthy lifestyle changes the aging brain 126

7.5.19 Jun 07, 2019: GE Healthcare increases multi-vendor parts inventory on its online site to expand offerings 128

7.5.20 Jun 05, 2019: Polarean Imaging: New system order 128

7.5.21 May 29, 2019: $9.5 million aimed at detecting autism earlier in childhood 129

7.5.22 May 29, 2019: UW, collaborating institutions awarded $9.5 million for detecting Autism earlier in childhood 130

7.5.23 May 09, 2019: High-strength MRI tracks MS progression 131

7.6 Product News 132

7.6.1 Mar 04, 2020: Adding MRI-targeted biopsy leads to more reliable diagnosis of aggressive prostate cancer 132

7.6.2 Mar 02, 2020: TeraRecon awarded two AI platform patents 133

7.6.3 Feb 27, 2020: MRI shows blood flow differs in men and women 133

7.6.4 Jan 06, 2020: Philips expands its range of consumer-focused digital health solutions at CES 2020 134

7.6.5 Dec 19, 2019: Penn Researchers predict 10-Year Breast Cancer Recurrence with MRI Scans 136

7.6.6 Dec 11, 2019: Artificial intelligence boosts MRI detection of ADHD 137

7.6.7 Dec 03, 2019: MRI imaging shows physical abnormalities in depressed brain 138

7.6.8 Nov 25, 2019: MRI reveals brain damage in Obese teens 139

7.6.9 Nov 13, 2019: Canon Medical supports expert forums on advancements in imaging technology at RSNA 2019 140

7.6.10 Nov 09, 2019: Gadolinium-enhanced MRI of shoulders improves diagnostic accuracy and helps predict Polymyalgia Rheumatica recurrence 140

7.6.11 Oct 22, 2019: Heart MRI delivers accurate diagnosis and helps guide treatment of Cardiovascular Diseases 141

7.6.12 Oct 02, 2019: Using algorithms to build a map of the placenta 142

7.6.13 Sep 20, 2019: Metamaterial markedly boosts MRI performance 143

7.6.14 Sep 13, 2019: Qfix to highlight new MRimage and treat solutions that allow imaging and treatment using the same device 143

7.6.15 Sep 01, 2019: Metrasens celebrates the grant of further patent for its global MRI safety business 144

7.6.16 Aug 13, 2019: Imaging a brain thinking, using a new MRI technique 144

7.6.17 Jul 26, 2019: Researchers develop novel imaging approach with potential to identify patients with CAD 146

7.6.18 Jul 23, 2019: Advanced Neuroimaging shows Brain matter alterations in U.S. Government personnel who Developed Neurological Symptoms in Cuba 147

7.6.19 Jun 11, 2019: New metamaterial can ‘turn up volume’ of MRI scans 148

7.6.20 Jun 04, 2019: The Insight Toolkit analyzes images faster with v5.0 149

7.6.21 May 22, 2019: MRI Use May Improve Identification of Affected Artery in Certain Heart Attacks 149

7.6.22 May 07, 2019: Utilization and cancer yield of BI-RADS 3 lesions detected on high risk screening breast MRI 150

7.6.23 May 07, 2019: MR imaging evaluation of hepatocellular carcinoma treated with stereotactic body radiation therapy (SBRT): long term imaging follow-up 151

7.6.24 May 06, 2019: First in-vivo trial of Subharmonic Contrast-Enhanced Imaging for detection of prostate cancer 152

7.6.25 May 05, 2019: Initial clinical experience of Zero TE Skull MRI in patients with head trauma: A comparative study with CT 152

7.6.26 May 03, 2019: New research demonstrates insights into Prostate Cancer identification, management 153

7.6.27 Apr 17, 2019: New MRI technology could measure brain function in milliseconds 154

7.7 Strategy And Business Planning 154

7.7.1 Feb 27, 2020: ContextVision Grows Medical Imaging Market Footprint With New Global Customers 154

7.7.2 Feb 18, 2020: Hologic Expands Costa Rican operations with new financial shared services center 155

7.7.3 Jan 23, 2020: Brainlab acquires San Diego-based VisionTree Software 156

7.7.4 Dec 12, 2019: Elucid Bioimaging relocates headquarters to Downtown Boston 157

7.7.5 Nov 26, 2019: Varian establishes direct operation in Kenya 157

7.7.6 Nov 12, 2019: ASG Superconductors – Paramed Medical Systems: A new MROpen MRI System Unit Installed in Texas 158

7.7.7 Oct 14, 2019: MD Anderson expanding its presence in The Woodlands 158

7.7.8 Oct 09, 2019: Agios to Present data from AG-270 phase 1 dose-escalation study in patients with MTAP-deleted tumors in a proffered papers oral resentation and Poster Session at the AACR-NCI-EORTC International Conference 159

7.7.9 Jul 29, 2019: New research facility allows researchers an unprecedented ability to investigate infectious pathogens like HIV 160

7.7.10 Jul 18, 2019: Merry X-Ray announces strategic shift to a customer-centric focus as MXR the imaging solution company 160

7.7.11 Jul 09, 2019: Magnetic Insight announces corporate headquarters expansion to a state-of-the-art 22,000 square-foot facility 161

7.7.12 Jun 21, 2019: Hologic signs deal to buy SuperSonic Imagine 161

8 Appendix 163

8.1 Research Methodology 164

8.1.1 Coverage 164

8.1.2 Secondary Research 164

8.1.3 Primary Research 165

8.1.4 Market Modeling and Forecasting 166

8.1.5 Company Share Analysis 168

8.1.6 Distribution Share Analysis 168

8.1.7 Benchmarking 168

8.2 GlobalData Consulting 169

8.3 Contact Us 169

8.4 Disclaimer 169

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