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Virtual care and Telemedicine Market is the intersection between digital technologies and healthcare delivery systems. By integrating new and existing digital technologies such as telehealth, connected medical devices, remote monitoring, mobile device apps, and electronic health records, healthcare systems can expand their services to patient populations whenever and however is most convenient to each individual patient.

By allowing patients to interact with their healthcare providers digitally, virtual care encourages those patients to seek out continual care without having to incur the consequences of unnecessary travel, limited access to care services, or lost days of work. Virtual care offerings allow healthcare systems to greatly expand their patient population reach. This is especially important when dealing with populations living in remote rural regions. Rural areas are generally far less equipped with specialized health services, which can make seeking and receiving treatment for serious chronic or emergency conditions problematic. By employing digital routes of care, healthcare systems can also ensure that patient populations that are unable to travel, such as the elderly and the injured, are not making unnecessary trips to healthcare facilities when a simple virtual doctor visit would suffice.


This report focuses on the importance of Virtual Care and Telemedicine throughout the healthcare industry.

Virtual Care and Telemedicine thematic research offers a detailed analysis of the various factors that are of importance to stakeholders and why businesses throughout the value chain should focus on understanding Virtual Care and Telemedicine offerings in the industry. The research includes insightful industry analysis of Virtual Care and Telemedicine factors and key use cases highlighting how healthcare players are integrating Virtual Care and Telemedicine services.

Key Highlights

Some CEOs have been reluctant to embrace sustainability principles because of the age-old view that it will hurt profits. However, the evidence suggests that those companies that are too slow to improve their approach to Virtual Care and Telemedicine will see an exodus of customers and a drop in profits. Stakeholders are also becoming more conscious of Virtual Care and Telemedicine, and companies taking significant action now will be rewarded in the long term.

COVID-19 has led to a greater focus on Virtual Care and Telemedicine across healthcare. As the world endures the ongoing effects of COVID-19, Virtual Care and Telemedicine needs to be at the core of any company or institution that wants to continue to provide quality care and services with ever-increasing healthcare costs and economic uncertainty. The heroic efforts of healthcare providers and hospitals during COVID-19 and the rapid development of vaccines and tests have transformed public opinion of the healthcare industry.

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Key Players

Allscripts, Amazon, Amwell, Boston Scientific, Cerner, Philips, Medtronic, NextGen, One Medical, ResApp Health, Teladoc Health, Zoom

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