Top ten influencers in military and security in Q3 2019, revealed by GlobalData

From Isaac Alexander to Unmanned Systems Technology, leading data and analytics company GlobalData lists the top ten influencers in military and security in Q3 2019, based on data research from the company’s Influencer platform.

1. Isaac Alexander

Isaac Alexander is the editor-in-chief of Jet City Star blog, which provides news and insights on aerospace and defence sector. Having served in the US Navy for six years, Issac is also one of the founders of Maelstorm International Fantastic Film Festival (MIFFF).

On 11 July, @jetcitystar tweeted: “At @NASWhidbeyIslan today two @thef35 jets arrived if the 63rd Fighter Wing from @LukeAFB. The F-35 jets stopped in for a fuel stop before departing to @EielsonAirForce.”, which collected four likes and one retweet.

2. War on the Rocks

War on the Rocks is a digital platform for discussions and debates on foreign policies and national security. The platform focuses on news, events, and practices of war and is managed by veterans and other professionals.

On 31 July, @WarOnTheRocks tweeted: “When it comes to military applications of AI, overlooking Russia is a mistake.”, which saw 30 likes and 37 retweets.

3. UK Defence Journal

UK Defence Journal covers global news and events in army, navy, air force, and cybersecurity. The website provides a platform to industry specialists, professionals, and enthusiasts to exchange information and views on defence matters related to the UK and rest of the world.

On 11 July, @UKDefJournal tweeted: “The programme, say the MoD, has been set up to develop a sixth-generation fighter jet to join the RAF’s fleet from 2035.”, which gained 124 likes and 62 retweets.

4. Real Clear Defense

Real Clear Defense is a website that offers defence news including policies, military commentaries, national security, foreign affairs, and other strategies. Real Clear Defense is one of the 15 domains of Real Clear Media Group, a comprehensive digital media company based in the US.

On 16 July, @RCDefense tweeted: “Chinese Military Preparing for Crackdown in #HongKong \ @BillGertz @FreeBeacon…”, which collected 37 likes and 35 retweets.


The Centre for Strategic and International Studies (CSIS) is a non-profit policy research establishment. A bipartisan organisation, CSIS offers strategic solutions to address foreign policy and national security issues, while putting forward the voices of masses.

On 6 September, @CSIS tweeted: “Satellite imagery indicate North Korea is building a ballistic missile submarine and may be making preparations to test a submarine-launched missile:”, which attracted 329 likes and 404 retweets.

6. NavyLookout

NavyLookout is an independent online campaign that promotes the UK Royal Navy. The campaign opposes the decline of the navy and works with the motto of ‘Save the Royal Navy’.

On 10 July @NavyLookout tweeted: “Protection of trade – the Royal Navy’s most fundamental role…@HMS_MONTROSE escorting BP Tanker, MV British Heritage in Gulf yesterday fended off interference from Iranian gunboats by training guns on them and warned off by radio…”, which gained 330 likes and 93 retweets.

7. Defense One

Defense One is a website that offers news and analysis on the issues and trends associated with the US defence system and national security. It is owned by Atlantic Media, a print and online media company based in Washington, D.C, US.

On 5 July, @DefeneOne tweeted: “UK Defense Secretary: We Need a Stronger NATO Now More Than Ever”, which collected 156 likes and 50 retweets.

8. HM Armed Forces Review

The HM Armed Forces Review is a website run by an independent group, which believes that nuclear deterrence cannot secure the country without relying on military and foreign development aid or official development assistance (ODA).

On 18 August, @ForcesReviewUK tweeted: “…”The Royal Navy took part this week in the largest international naval exercise ever held by the Israeli navy” Interesting break in UK-Israeli ties.”, which saw five likes and two retweets.

9. Ulrike E Franke

Dr. Ulrike Esther Franke is a policy fellow at the European Council on Foreign Relations (ECFR). She is also a member of the ECFR’s New European Security Initiative. Her expertise lies in areas of warfare and its future and the impact of modern technologies such as drones and artificial intelligence (AI).

On 18 September, @RikeFranke tweeted: “France has published its military #AI strategy! Very exciting. Will read today.…”, which attracted 165 likes and 76 retweets.

10. Unmanned Systems Technology

Unmanned Systems Technology is a platform for technical information on unmanned systems. The website presents technology, products, and services associated with land, sea and air-based unmanned vehicles. The digital platform allows companies to display and advertise their devices and capabilities to professionals and users.

On 12 September, @UnmannedSystem tweeted: “World’s first production-ready 1-ton autonomous cargo UAV unveiled at DSEI: #DSEI #technology #drone #innovation”, which collected 21 likes and seven retweets.

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