Top ten IoT influencers in Q3 2019, revealed by GlobalData

From Ronald van Loon to Sandy Carter, leading data and analytics company GlobalData has identified the top influencers in Internet of Things (IoT) in Q3 2019, based on data research from the company’s Influencer platform.

1. Ronald van Loon

Ronald van Loon currently works as the Director at Advertisement and is recognised as a top influencer of disruptive technologies such as IoT, artificial intelligence (AI), and big data.

On 4 September, @Ronald_vanLoon tweeted: “This stunt #robot cound put stunt doubles out of the job by @CNBC | #AI #InternetofThings #IoT #MachineLearning #ML #BigData #ArtificialIntelligence #Robotics #Autonomous #Videos RT Cc: @yamatho2 @mikequindazzi @kashthefuturist”, which collected 268 likes and 198 retweets.

2. Fabienne Neymarck

Fabienne Neymarck is a reverse logistic manager at ascendeo France, a consumer electronics company. He provides transport relations to the INNOV8 group and has been involved in the pilotage of service providers, including invoicing, implementation of projects, and providing quality service.

On 6 September, @ArkangelScrap re-tweeted: “The world in 2045, according to the Pentagon #AI #ArtificialIntelligence #IoT #Automation #Innovation #SmartCities #4IR #IIoT #Tech @wef @MikeQuindazzi @SpirosMargaris @Ym78200 @sallyeaves @kuriharan @jblefevre60 @ramonvidall @HaroldSinnott @Hal_Good @mvollmer1 @diioannid”, which had 300 likes and 292 retweets.

3. Evan Kirstel

Evan Kirstel is a social media influencer who helps clients to leverage social media channels to improve sales and networking. He has worked with companies such as AT&T, Samsung, and Qualcomm to improve visibility across the social media space.

On 10 September, @evankirstel tweeted: “Smart! #IoT #education #edtech #edutech #classroom”, which attracted 1,100 likes and 509 retweets.

4. Mike Quindazzi

Mike Quindazzi is the managing director for the South Pacific region at PricewaterhouseCoopers (PWC). A technology influencer, Quindazzi works with companies to help them grow in areas including digital transformation, customer experience, and implementation of complex HR/ERP systems.

On 28 September, @MikeQuindazzi tweeted: “Conducting sentiment analysis with #FacialRecognition >>> HT @jblefevre60 via @MikeQuindazzi >>> #BioMetrics #CyberSecurity #AI #IoT #DataAnalytics #MachineLearning #EmergingTech”, which saw 727 likes and 523 retweets.

5. Tamara McCleary

Tamara McCleary, CEO and founder of Thulium, is a tech futurist and a top influencer of technologies including AI, robotics, and IoT. McCleary believes that the integration of AI with IoT will have a phenomenal impact on businesses in the next five years and developed the RelationShift® method, which helps in improving workplace relationships virtually leading to improved performance and harmony.

On 30 September, @TamaraMcCleary tweeted: “Internet of Things companies will dominate the 2020s: Prepare your resume! …… #IoT #FutureofWork”, which collected 59 likes and 43 retweets.

6. Kirk Borne

Dr. Kirk Borne, a data scientist and Executive Advisor at Booz Allen Hamilton, is engaged in research and consulting in various technologies. He specialises in data science, data mining, and analytics and refers to IoT as ‘internet of context’ for AI applications, as most of the contextual information is coming from devices and sensors. Dr. Borne believes that this raw data can be integrated with machine learning predictive algorithms to deliver forecasting-as-a-service to systems, processes, and applications.

On 2 September, @KirkDBorne tweeted: “Questions to ask when planning to implement an Anomaly Detection System: #BigData #DataScience #Analytics #Statistics #AI #MachineLearning #IoT #IIoT #EdgeAnalytics #StreamingAnalytics #abdsc”, which gained 169 likes and 83 retweets.

7. Diana Adams

Diana Adams is a technology journalist and co-founder of Adams Consulting Group. Adams is one of the top influencers in technologies such as AI, IoT, cloud computing, big data, digital marketing, and machine learning.

On 29 September, @adamsconsulting tweeted: “Have you missed the #robots around here lately? No worries, they’re here. They just might look different than what you were expecting. video via @wef @MikeQuindazzi #AI #FutureOfWork #Automation #IoT #ML #MachineLearning #4IR #ArtificialIntelligence”, which saw 21 likes and 22 retweets.

8. Antonio Santos

Antonio Santos is an innovation broker who collaborates regularly with the Siemens group and is a member of their influencer/challenger programme. He is regarded as a leading social media influencer on digital transformation, future of work, augmented reality, connected home, and security.

On 12 September, @AkwyZ tweeted: “At our @Atos Expert Community Convention, we organised co-creation breakout sessions covering topics like #AI, #IoT #DevOps #Hackthons. My colleague Jordan Janeczko @Atos CTO for Global Client Innovation shares some insights about that work #YourExpert #DigitalTransformation”, which collected 47 likes and 41 retweets.

9. Glen Gilmore

Glen Gilmore, an independent social media and digital marketing consultant, has been ranked as a top influencer in digital transformation, emerging technology, and travel.

On 25 September, @GlenGilmore tweeted: “#SmartCities will function as smart systems, #blockchain and #IoT aided by #AI. #DigitalTransformation #DigitalTwin #Automation #5G #CyberSecurity mt @SmartCityexpo”, which collected 21 likes and 19 retweets.

10. Sandy Carter

Sandy Carter is the Vice President at Amazon Web Services. Carter helps companies leverage their Microsoft assets and has received more than 25 social media awards for her innovative social business techniques.

On 21 September, @sandy_carter tweeted: “Showstopper #IOT Man goes biking, flips his bike, hits his head, gets knocked out and doesn’t regain consciousness. @Apple Watch detects fall, autodials 911 with his location and EMS has him picked up and in the hospital in <30 minutes. @IoTCommunity @IoTchannel RT @yuris”, which attracted 142 likes and 77 retweets.

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