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The Population of France (2020 - 2028, people)

  • The Population of France attained a value of 68,229,155 people in 2023

  • The indicator recorded a historical growth (CAGR) of 100% between 2020 to 2023, and is expected to grow by...

  • GlobalData projects the figure to grow at a CAGR of ...

The Population of France (2020 - 2028, people)

Published: Oct 2021
Source: GlobalData

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Population growth analysis 

France has one of the largest populations in Europe. Although French society has reached high levels of development, the country is facing challenges of ensuring social security for an aging population. Rising anti-immigration and anti-globalization sentiments are also major areas of concern. The population is expected to grow during 2021-2025. 

Population age – Split 

France has a large old-age population, which is expected to increase. Such high levels of social expenditure could be at risk if there is deterioration in the government’s fiscal health. If the government struggles to raise taxes in a weak economic situation, the high expenditure on pensions and healthcare for the elderly could be difficult to sustain. Pressure continues to mount on government finances as a result of the social security and healthcare needs of an aging population. 

Total FDI inflow in France declined in 2020 

The service sector had a share of FDI projects in France in 2020, and it declined from the previous year. Wholesale and retail, IT services, consulting and business services were the best performing sectors in France in 2020. The French business environment is ideal for fostering entrepreneurship. The country also has a highly educated population and encourages innovation. 

Aging population of France  

In 2020, persons aged 15-64 comprised majority of the French population; followed by the 0-14 age group, and the rest in 65 years or above age group. With this age structure, France is experiencing a demographic trend similar to the rest of Europe. The population is aging, and fewer people are entering the workforce.  

 In the Global Gender Gap Index 2021, France was ranked in a good position. The authorities have been active in reducing the wage gap at workplaces in the country.  

Pressure on government finances continues to grow as a result of the social security and healthcare needs of the aging population. High social expenditure is at risk if there is deterioration in the government’s fiscal health. With the government’s struggle to increase tax revenue, a strong economic situation is necessary for high expenditure. 

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